Sunday, October 21, 2012

Best Pet Award

I was tagged by Cynical Romantic with awesome new tag created by Misty.

The rules:
1. Forward the beautiful Pet award picture!
2. Answer 10 questions!
3. Tag some people with pets, 3 of them!

Misty celebrated the tag with glitter so I will do exactly that before we start.........

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1. How many pets do you have and what are they?
I have one pet, a dog.
2. What is their name?
His name is Grom.
3. How did you got them?
My dad got him from his friend.
4. How old are they?
He is 1 year old.
5. Their favorite food is...?
ANYTHING!!!He would eat or try to eat really anything he is not picky at all.

6.Where are they right now and what are the doing?
He is sleeping in his dog house :)
7. Craziest thing they did?
Well, he has been really good pet so far and only thing I can say is that every now and then he makes some kind of mess and little by little he has managed to ruin my mother's flowers outside.
8.The worst thing they did so far?
Look at the previous answer ;)
9. What is their favorite thing to do?
Run around and play with us. He is very playful dog :) Other then that he likes to lay around.
10. If they could gossip about you, what would your pet said about you?
Hmmm...he would probably said that when he seas me he always tries to do something he is not allowed because with me he has the best chance for success. 

I tag:


  1. Glitter! ♥ Aww Grom je pravi pozer, vidi se po slici :)


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