Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lush massage bars

I fell in love with Lush massage bars first time I got in touch with one. They look so cute, have amazing smell, they are great for the skin and little bit different then other body products. When I first saw them in Lush store I didn't know anything about them and I wondered how to use them in first place. The answer is pretty simple. Lush massage bars are actually solid oils and they melt when they get in touch with your skin or your body warmth to be more precise. The easiest way to use them is to warm them up a bit between your hands and then you can easily apply them wherever you want. They smell amazing and when you apply them to your skin you don't need any other fragrance. I like when I apply it on my body before bed so my PJs and bedding smell just like it! Each Lush bar contains oils and butters. I keep my massage bars in tins. I have two Lush tins but I don't plan to buy them anymore. For the price of one I can buy another Lush product and I can easily find a cheap cute tin in a different place ( I got few from Kik but I also find a lot tins on ebay ).

Soft Coeur

This is the first Lush massage bar I ever tried ( well, the one on the pic is actually the second because I have two Soft Coeur bars ). I fell in love with it immediately. I loved that was little bit different then all other body products I had. It smells absolutely perfect...honey and chocolate...and has the cute heart shape. It is also great treat for the skin. Nurturing and it soaks in quickly, so even though it is oil it is not greasy. And like I said it smells so, so good. Another interesting fact...it is edible.

Snow Fairy Sparkle

Snow Fairy Sparkle is inspired by one of most popular Lush products Snow Fairy shower gel. It has exactly the same sweet smell and it is easily my second favorite. It comes in cute fairy shape and also has glitter, a true girly product. Lush recommends to squash it before you use it to get the most of it but I never did that...I just didn't want to lose the fairy shape. However it worked for me the "usual way" and I will continue to use it like that. From all massage bars that I have this one melts the most so it is important to store it. Box or a tin in a room temperature works great. Snow Fairy Sparkle is limited edition but I believe it will come back at Christmas 2014.

Shimmy, shimmy

I got this bar in a Snow Fairy box I bought in Christmas sale. Another one in heart shape with loads of shimmer! Smells like vanilla and lavender, I like to use it winter. Makes my skin smooth and shiny :D

Each Peach

Interesting thing about Each Peach, probably the most popular massage bar is that it doesn't smell like peaches at all. It has citrus, orange smell. Really refreshing and great for summer! It has oval shape with flower pattern.

Tender Is The Night

Tender Is The Night is part of Valentine's Day collection of products. I love soothing scent of this bar...it has one of my favorite scents - jasmine combined with ylang ylang and vanilla.

Great thing about massage bars is that they can last for a while. I always look at Lush website to see the other bars but I decided not to buy them until I use up at least one of these that I have right now. For now I'm good but it will get real tough in Christmas time, especially during Lush sale.

Did you tried Lush massage bars? 


  1. I have one, in a tin, by my bed. But I keep forgetting to use it! >_< The one that I have is Wiccy Magic Muscles. :)

  2. Do they last you as long as a bottle of body lotion? I've never tried anything like that so of course I want to try them!!

    1. I think 250 ml bottle of body lotion would last longer then a bar if you use it every day. Since I use massage bars once in a while they last me much longer then a bottle of lotion. To me massage bars are like a little treat so I really enjoy when I use them:)

  3. Who would not fall in love with those bars??? They are soooooo cute!!!! I have never tried those bars but I think this is the time. I have heard they smell oh so good too.


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