Thursday, April 24, 2014

Wet n Wild Through The Grapevine

One of two Wet n Wild nail polishes that I have is Wet n Wild Megalast that contains 13,5 ml and it is called Through The Grapevine. Through The Grapevine is beautiful creamy purple. I love this color and really nice formula of this nail polish so I'm sure I will get more Wet n Wild nail polishes in future since they finally came into drugstores in Croatia. Wet n Wild is been around for few months here and there are so many interesting products to try but it is no surprise that Through The Grapevine was the first one.

Do you like Wet n Wild products? What should I try next?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Givenchy Very Irresistible gift set

Givenchy perfumes are my favorite. So far I had few, including my all time favorite Givenchy Organza but I would love to have probably 90 % of their perfumes. I love light, floral and little bit sweet scents so they always have something that I really love. Very Irresistible is one of their most popular perfumes. Years ago I had Very Irresistible Sensual which came after the original so even though I wanted the original they are similar so I never thought about buying it. Last summer I found amazing deal on a gift set  that I just couldn't ignore and I'm so happy that Very irresistible is now mine.

Gift set includes 50 ml edt fragrance, 100 ml body veil and beauty bag. I already posted about body veil so just click here to find out a bit more. 
Beauty bag is something I use every day. At first I didn't need it so I started using it after few months. Then when I was in move between new and old house I started using it as makeup bag and I still keep products I use the most in it. It is well made and tones of products can fit in it, also it looks beautiful so it is amazing bag for traveling. Definitely my favorite beauty bag and as long as I have this one I don't need anything else.

Now the fragrance. Very Irresistible is around for a very, very long time. I still remember when it first came out when I was high school girl and it was so far out of my reach. Years came by but I still think this is one of most beautiful scents out there. I love that it is so light, floral and feminine. Middle notes are rose, magnolia and peony. Top notes are cassia, lemon verbena and anise while base note is taif rose. Floral haven! 
Very Irresistible is one of those long lasting fragrances so when you apply it you can be sure that it won't go away that quickly especially in combination with body veil. 

Even the box looks pretty...

What is your favorite fragrance? What is on your wishlist?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Project 365 ( 329 - 335 )

Week 46...Happy Easter!

Day 329: Beautiful day for a walk in the sun!

Day 330: Baby cherry tree.

Day 331: Bunnies

Day 332: Big and small.

Day 333: Mango and strawberries!

Day 334: Easter basket.

Day 335: Eggs.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Essence I Love Bad Boys

One of discontinued Essence nail polishes is pretty blue called I Love Bad Boys. This lovely nail polish is very pretty shimmery blue. There are loads of blue shimmer so it is sparkly and looks gorgeous in the sun. My love for blues ( and greens ) is started recently so now I enjoy colors like this one so much. I used to liked the colors, they looked cute on my nails but i would always opted for something else. I'm still a pink girl but I'm glad I appreciate colors beautiful as this one much more.
Two coats are enough for full opacity, I Love Bad Boys applies easily and the bottle contains the usual 8 ml.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Avon BB cream: Anew Vitale vs Solutions

Ever since they came around I always had my doubts about BB creams. But sometimes I would like really light coverage so I thought it is time to try it. I had my eye on Avon Anew but when I had Avon catalog in my hands I couldn't find it so I went with Avon Solutions BB cream. Eventually I bought Avon Anew too. I have both BB creams for about 6 months and I used them a lot when I first got them, in winter I moved to my usual liquid foundation but last few weeks I'm using them again. 

Avon Anew Vitale  BB+

Avon Anew Vitale BB + comes in one shade. I'm usually not very fond of adopting shades but this time ignored that and went for it. So, the color of Anew Vitale should adopt to your skin tone. When I first got it and saw how dark it is I thought there is no way this will work on my skin. Surprisingly it did. The texture is nice, just a little bit dusty but it applies and adopts to your skin easily. It lasts for 6-8 hours and it gives you nice coverage. Little bit longer and covers little bit better then Avon Solutions. I usually use concealer under my eyes because that is the area that needs more coverage in my case and you should reach for concealer for anything that needs more coverage. Avon Vitale has 20 SPF.

Avon Solution BB cream

Solutions BB cream comes in 2 shades, lighter and darker. I have the light shade. Solution BB cream has a nice texture, it is easy to apply it. It looks nice and natural on the skin. It gives you light coverage and your skin is even. If there is something more to cover up you will have to reach for concealer or for foundation because Solutions won't be enough. I usually use it when want light makeup or when I'm going some where for few hours. If I'm going out or I need more polished look I prefer to use something else. Same is when I need my makeup to last for hole day because Avon Solutions lasts for about 5-6 hours and it has SPF 15.

Here is the swatch! Left is Anew Vitale, right is Avon Solutions. You can see how different they are but they both suit me.

The best thing about both BB creams is that they are great for warm days or any time when I like to avoid heavy makeup. Both are definitely good buy but they can't replace good old liquid foundation, at least in my book. They are however, great to have around.

Did you tried Avon BB creams? Do you like BB creams in general? What would you recommend to try?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Project 365 ( 322 - 328 )

Week 45...

Day 322: My bump :))

Day 323: Me & him

Day 324: Clouds

Day 325: Catrice The Giant mascara, I'm not very impressed...

Day 326: Yummy and nice looking salad.

Day 327: Cute little owls!

Day 328: Side road.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Swatch: Catrice iROSEdescent

If you are a holographic lover you could enjoy yourself because Catrice had so many new holo nail polishes last few weeks. I'm not that into holo nail polishes, neither would I reach for light color very often. But, when I saw Catrice iROSEdescent I had to have it. The color is beautiful and I love the holo effect. This will be nail polish for those times when I need subtle nail polish and for those rare times when I don't want bright colors.

The bottle contains 10 ml of product and it applies easily. Drying time is decent. When I took these photos it was a cloudy day so holo effect is much more visible in real life and it looks perfect in the sun.

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