Monday, April 14, 2014

Avon BB cream: Anew Vitale vs Solutions

Ever since they came around I always had my doubts about BB creams. But sometimes I would like really light coverage so I thought it is time to try it. I had my eye on Avon Anew but when I had Avon catalog in my hands I couldn't find it so I went with Avon Solutions BB cream. Eventually I bought Avon Anew too. I have both BB creams for about 6 months and I used them a lot when I first got them, in winter I moved to my usual liquid foundation but last few weeks I'm using them again. 

Avon Anew Vitale  BB+

Avon Anew Vitale BB + comes in one shade. I'm usually not very fond of adopting shades but this time ignored that and went for it. So, the color of Anew Vitale should adopt to your skin tone. When I first got it and saw how dark it is I thought there is no way this will work on my skin. Surprisingly it did. The texture is nice, just a little bit dusty but it applies and adopts to your skin easily. It lasts for 6-8 hours and it gives you nice coverage. Little bit longer and covers little bit better then Avon Solutions. I usually use concealer under my eyes because that is the area that needs more coverage in my case and you should reach for concealer for anything that needs more coverage. Avon Vitale has 20 SPF.

Avon Solution BB cream

Solutions BB cream comes in 2 shades, lighter and darker. I have the light shade. Solution BB cream has a nice texture, it is easy to apply it. It looks nice and natural on the skin. It gives you light coverage and your skin is even. If there is something more to cover up you will have to reach for concealer or for foundation because Solutions won't be enough. I usually use it when want light makeup or when I'm going some where for few hours. If I'm going out or I need more polished look I prefer to use something else. Same is when I need my makeup to last for hole day because Avon Solutions lasts for about 5-6 hours and it has SPF 15.

Here is the swatch! Left is Anew Vitale, right is Avon Solutions. You can see how different they are but they both suit me.

The best thing about both BB creams is that they are great for warm days or any time when I like to avoid heavy makeup. Both are definitely good buy but they can't replace good old liquid foundation, at least in my book. They are however, great to have around.

Did you tried Avon BB creams? Do you like BB creams in general? What would you recommend to try?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Project 365 ( 322 - 328 )

Week 45...

Day 322: My bump :))

Day 323: Me & him

Day 324: Clouds

Day 325: Catrice The Giant mascara, I'm not very impressed...

Day 326: Yummy and nice looking salad.

Day 327: Cute little owls!

Day 328: Side road.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Swatch: Catrice iROSEdescent

If you are a holographic lover you could enjoy yourself because Catrice had so many new holo nail polishes last few weeks. I'm not that into holo nail polishes, neither would I reach for light color very often. But, when I saw Catrice iROSEdescent I had to have it. The color is beautiful and I love the holo effect. This will be nail polish for those times when I need subtle nail polish and for those rare times when I don't want bright colors.

The bottle contains 10 ml of product and it applies easily. Drying time is decent. When I took these photos it was a cloudy day so holo effect is much more visible in real life and it looks perfect in the sun.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf - end of season ( spoilers )

Time for little bit of trash TV :) Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf are both summer shows and both of them have second part of season airing in winter. They had their season finals few weeks ago and now it is time to take a look back because no matter what I say about PLL and TW I still watch them :)
We will start with Pretty Little Liars. Well this show finally gave some answers, I guess they had to because it is season 4 and they have to give us something. We still don't know main answers...who tried to kill Alison and who is A but at least they confirmed that Ali is alive. They usually leave everything in the air in this show so you can never be sure what really happened and they mix it up with bunch of unnecessary things. I know it should be mysterious but most of the time it is just annoying. I hope season 5 is the last one so we could finish it up and find out all the answers. For a while my main suspect was Aria, I was completely sure of that but now I don't know anymore. I just hope that person behind everything is someone important, hopefully one of the girls ( Aria!! ).

Teen Wolf is the only show I watch but I have no idea what is actually happening most of the time :D Sometimes they are so messed up but there is certain magic in this show that keeps me watching. With second part of season 3 they really had everything. Wolfs, foxes, screaming Lydia and ninjas. Too much if you ask me. I liked it better when everything was about wolfs and hunters. Also, why did they made Stiles so serious and sad?? Turning him into monster isn't fun at all. I know they gave him different role for this season but he used to be highlight of each episode. I hope he will be funny like he used to be in season 4! One thing that this show isn't missing is the element of surprise. I was shocked when they killed of Alison, it will be so weird without her. But I like that aunt Kate is coming back from the dead, she is going to be interesting villain for next season. And seriously they should give more minutes to Derek and find him a girlfriend! That's all I got to say.

Do you watch Pretty Little Liars or / and Teen Wolf? What do you think about their last episodes?


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Essence brushes ( + Bloom Me Up tools )

Through the years I got a decent amount of Essence brushes. Most of their brushes are really good and the price is more then acceptable. I always find that Essence limited edition are way better then their regular brushes ( with few exceptions ) and it would be amazing if they could have a regular brushes as good as their limited edition ones. It would be so much easier for all of us, don't you agree? Every time I see brushes in Trend Edition previews I know that they will be gone before most people even see them...I finally got everything that I wanted from Bloom Me Up tools but it wasn't easy...haha. So, pretty please Essence give us something like that in your regular range!
I'm happy with all Essence brushes that I have and I use all of them ( more or less ). Here is what I have:

Face brushes

Every thing here is new except Soul Sista kabuki. I'm so happy that I got face brushes from Bloom Me Up tools because they are really great and I've been using them all the time since I got them. If you want to know more about my impressions just scroll down a little but :)

Here is Bloom Me Up and Soul Sista side by side. They are both very pretty and even though they look the same and they are approximately the same density Bloom Me Up is softer so you can use it for blush or loose powder while I find that Soul Sista is best for loose powder.

Eyeshadow brushes

I love Essence eyeshadow brushes. First two brushes on the photo are from regular range and they are amazing. The purple one is here for years and I have few of those. The pink one is one of new Essence products but it is actually the same thing. Beside Ecotools my favorite eyeshadow brushes, plus they are cheap so you can afford few of them. I would definitely recommend Essence regular brush to everyone.
From Bloom Me Up tools I have large and small eyeshadow brush. The large one is little bit bigger then regular and a bit thicker. Very good product but if you missed this one no need to cry about it because you can always get regular one :) 
To find out more about small eyeshadow brush click here :)

Blending brushes

Purple blending brush is probably one of most popular products, I have it ever since it first came out and it is great. I have few of them and I will probably buy few more in future. With new range of products this spring Essence came out with another blending brush. It is big and fluffy and it is so easy to work with it. Down side of this brush is that hair is falling of...I noticed immediately when I bought it because hair is going away all the time. When you go trough it with your finger, when you wash it and even when you use it. I honestly hope that would stop because if it continues in few weeks there will be no more hair left. So time will tell.

Bloom Me Up tools

So I finally put my hands on the rest of Bloom Me Up brushes that I wanted. I was kinda crazy with going to my local drugstores last few weeks but I'm not sorry at all. They are mine now! 

The brushes look pretty and just by looking at them you can see that they are good quality. I love them all and it would be too hard to decide which one is my favorite. 

Blush brush - large

Beautiful purple blush brush is big, dense and you can use it for blush or loose powder. Whatever you like. I'm using it for blush and it is great. It is easy to work with it, it is easy to apply and blend your blush. Great brush to have around.

Blush brush - small

Another blush brush  great for different use. Great for blush ( I finally found perfect tool for this ) but it can also replace your stipple brush. This is actually something in between of blush and stipple brush and I definitely need more of brushes like this one in future. You need it too :D

Concealer blush

Now this is something I wanted to skip but then I bought it just because I knew I could feel sorry later. That was a good decision because this thing is awesome. Amazing for blending concealer or liquid foundation and so easy to use. Now that I tried this brush I realized that I need some kind of beauty blender in my collection :D

Eyeshadow brush

I already told you that I really love this brush and I will say again that this is definitely a good buy.  

Here are four brushes together, you can see the size difference:

I hope you will find something in this post helpful and that you share my love for Essence brushes. Do you have any? Would you recommend something?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Project 365 ( 315 - 321 )

Week 44...

Day 315: Play that violin...

Day 316: Take a seat!

Day 317: Night in...ready to eat!

Day 318: Part of my nail polish collection. 

Day 319:Under the cherry tree.

Day 320: NOTD: Essence Glitter On Me + Essence Edward 

Day 321: Park.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Random nail spam #2

Time for random nail spam number 2. There are always some manis that I never post about, some are very old but there are some new. So instead of pile them up all the time here is another collective post!

p2 Violet Summerdream

Essence Dark Night Starlight ( purple in real life )

Essence Andy You're A Star

Essence Hello Holo

Essence Feels So Good , Essence Ahoy and p2 Flirt With Me

S-he number 393, Essence tip painter and Golden Rose number 106

Catrice Purplelized, Catrice Lucky In Lilac, Essence Silver Surfer, Golden Rose 106 and Golden Rose 166

Golden Rose number 348, Essence Into The Dark and Catrice Back To Black

Essence Mellow Yellow and Golden Rose Graffiti 4

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