Friday, April 17, 2015

Hart Of Dixie - the end

One of the sweetest shows on TV ended few weeks ago. Hart of Dixie had it's 4th season to wrap things up with 10 episodes. There was still a hope that the show might continue but everything in season 4 was showing that the show is ending and that is probably for the best. Because, no matter how sad I am about show ending it is better that we have less seasons and a proper ending then more episodes and story left unfinished.

Like I said to me Hart Of Dixie was one of the sweetest shows, the one I loved to watch with cup of cafe. Usually I had smile on my face entire episode. Easy going characters, atmosphere and plot were great combination. Also, there was beautiful Rachel Bilson in lead role. This show wasn't giving us anything new, life and love drama with few love triangles are the usual but this show had warmth and relaxing tone to it. It was always so easy to watch it. What I love about show like this one is that they made all the characters likable. In the beginning, back in season 1 there were few very annoying characters like Lemon, Brick, George...but soon that changed and it was indeed nice show to watch. In the end  everybody got their happy ending and if you ask me this is exactly the way it should end. I'm sad it is finish but on the other hand it was right time to say goodbye and the show ended before it was too late.  I'm sure that in a few years when I think of this show or catch it in TV it will bring back memories and it will nice to take a look at it again.

Did you watch Hart Of Dixie? How do you like the end?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Essie Boom Boom Room

Now when sun is finally out it is time for bright nails to come out too. Pink is always my go to color and Essie Boom Boom Room one of my favorites. Beautiful, bright Barbie pink is also a neon which makes it perfect summer color. On my photos you can see how Boom Boom Room looks with white base, it is brighter and you can get better coverage. When you wear it alone you have to be more careful when you apply it but you can get good coverage and brightness. However, it looks better with white base. On the photos I have one coat of white nail polish and two coats of Essie Boom Boom Boom. Sometimes I'm too lazy to apply white first but I have to say it really looks gorgeous, do you agree?

What is your favorite "sunny days" color?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I Heart Makeup - I Heart Chocolate

Today I will show you another neutral, Earth tones eyeshadow palette. Yet another in my collection. I Heart Chocolate is sweet looking palette. It will get anyone's attention in a second and when you look inside it looks great too. This chocolate looking palette is made of hard plastic and it will keep the eyeshadows well protected. There are 16 eyeshadows, 10 shimmery and 6 matte, also there is big mirror which is always helpfull. Whey you open the palette there is foil over the shadows with the name for each shadow. It is a nice touch and another way to keep eyeshadows protected. 

The eyeshadows are good quality. I always wear them with eyeshadow base and they last whole day. Pigment is very good, only 3 lightest colors aren't that pigmented. Most of the colors in the palette are shades of brown with addition of green and purple. I Heart Chocolate is great for everyday looks but you can easily get more dramatic, night looks with it. 

The swatches, without base:

Not bad at all, right? If you looking for neutral palette this is a good buy especially if you consider the price ( 7,99 pounds ) and quality and amount of product ( 16 eyeshadows , 22 g total ). However I have to mention that I bought this palette with 3 other Makeup Revolution palettes ( Iconic 3Iconic 2Essential Mattes ) and between four palettes this one is my least favorite. Despite all that I will use it for sure.
Did you tried I Heart Chocolate palette? Do you like I Heart Makeup?

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Project 365 vol 2: Week 28, 29, 30 and 31

First Happy Easter everyone!!!
And now lets look at past 4 weeks :)

Day 188: In Germany!

Day 189: Everyone has a drink :)

Day 190: Crossing the street!

Day 191: Somewhere in Austria...

Day 192: Everything Harry :) Some people never grow up haha :)

Day 193: Germany beauty haul!

Day 194: Salad :D

Day 195: NOTD

Day 196: Trees and water.

Day 197: Birds nests :)

Dy 198: 500!!!

Day 199: Sun is finally out!

Day 200: Butterfly!

Day 201: Lace detail.

Day 202: Magnets!

Day 203: Candy.

Day 204: Catching up...

Day 205: One more tree photo....

Day 206: Spring flowers.

Day 207: Mess.

Day 208: ...and one more tree photo :)

Day 209: Red.

Day 210: What can I say...I love trees!

Day 211: Taking pictures for future post!

Day 212: Going trough my Easter decoration!

Day 213: Easter eggs!

Day 214: Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Glee - the end

After six seasons and so many characters, stories and songs Glee has come to an end. Back in 2009 when the show first came along it was one of my favorites. I loveee first season and I watched it few times. Glee was fresh, fun, funny, colorful and different, to me it was delightful to watch it. Mix of interesting characters, funny dialogues and above all great musical numbers. To start it was so unusual to have TV show that is actually a musical, it was great formula and from the beginning of the show until now there were so many good cover songs that fit perfectly into the story. Glee become very popular, very quickly. They won several awards and they made music and singing in TV shows popular. After Glee came so many other shows had their Glee moment ( How I Met Your Mother, The Vampire Diaries, Hart Of Dixie just to name a few).

I believe that most of us know that Glee is show about show choir where group of not so popular kids is trying to make it. There were so many great singers trough the show but in opinion one stands out, Rachel Berry played by Lea Michele. That girl has a beautiful voice and it is true star of the show. Beside Rachel there were many amazing singers from regular cast and guest stars. 

After great season 1 the usual thing happened. They lost their spark. Season 2 was good but they never went to that unique spark they had in season 1. Main problem probably was that they had too many characters and too many stories so we got little bit of everything and it was easy to get lost in the plot and things got boring. They did however had great cross from high school to what happens after. Last season of the show was good. You can see that they were wrapping things up and I like how they got full circle in the end and it was nice to see everybody getting their happy ending.  In the end my favorite things about Glee are the songs, Lea Michelle, Diana Agron and tribute that they gave to Finn Hudson and Cory Monteith.
I will end this post with the song that is classic Glee...I always thought that Don't Stop Believing will be the last song we hear in the show but it was close enough so I don't mind.

Did you watched Glee? How did you like it

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Empty #19

L'Oreal Elvital Color Glanz conditioner - once again in my empties :)

I Love...Mango & Papaya shower cream - big 500 ml bottle is gone :) Really nice product, nice smell but I doubt I will repurchase it. Too many great shower gels, creams and soaps to come back to it.

Balea Mango Mumbo shower gel - another mango scented shower gel in this post. This is classic Balea, nice smell and pretty package. This was limited edition and I'm looking forward to new LE from Balea.

Balea strawberry shower gel and liquid soap - It is interesting that I have two products from the same line and one smells gorgeous - the shower gel and I don't like the other one - the soap. I have no idea but something is different and soap is not my thing while I love sweet, candy smell of shower gel.

L'Oreal Elvital Color Glanz shampoo - here again :)

Avon Anew BB cream - To find out more about it click here. Really nice product, I'm not sure if I would buy it again, I probably would.

H&M White nail polish - Perfect white for nail art but it doesn't have perfect coverage to wear it alone. However, I used it for nail art and it was great.

Essence Ahoy nail polish - I had this one for years and it was part of so many manicures, it was also great alone.

Revlon Color Stay 150 Buff - my favorite liquid foundation! Pure perfection!

Givenchy Organza - my favorite fragrance ever, I'm so sad that is gone and I hope I will own another bottle soon. Most beautiful perfume ever!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

500 followers giveaway!!

Few days ago I hit 500 followers which is perfect occasion for a little giveaway. I'm so happy that there are people who read my blog and this is my way to say thank you!! There will be one winner and the prize contains two products that I really love so I hope they will make someone happy. You can win Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 eyeshadow palette ( click ) and Essence Lady Mermaid ( click ). Both products are new and purchased by me.
To enter the giveaway you must be my GFC follower and you need to give me your email so I can contact the winner. When I announce the winner you will have 48 hours to respond before new winner is chosen. Giveaway is international.

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