Friday, December 19, 2014

History of wedding dresses

Nowadays in western culture it is completely normal to see white wedding dress. Last week I was writing about bridal trends and it got me thinking of the history of wedding dress and how it all started. As you can guess the wedding dress wasn't always white and it definitely wasn't as important to brides as today. Today we have the whole wedding industry and multiple choices for everything. Hundreds years ago wedding represented union of two families and the dress for the wedding was usually the best dress bride had. Most of time it wasn't new and the color wasn't important but very often it was darker color. If the dress was new then it was something bride could wear again or with wealthier families something that could represent their social status. 

Like today royals had a lot to do with wedding trends. First documented princess who wore white at the wedding was Philippa Of England in 1402, but the one who made white wedding dress popular was Queen Victoria at 1840. Photograph of the wedding was widely published and white dress quickly became first choice for brides. In 20th century style of wedding dress represented current fashion, in 1960's it became popular to wear long dresses and that retained until today. It is interesting that popular belief that white dress represents virginity and purity is wrong, that used to be color blue.

Today whole concept of weddings has changed and evolved. There are many choices and as the fashion changes the dress changes a bit as well. White, long dress still remains most popular but brides can choose any style they want. Pop culture, royal weddings have high influence on trends in weddings. Trough the years there were so many beautiful dresses worn by celebrities that look timeless and they are inspiration of many even now when there are so many options. Sometimes it is good to look at history and find classics to get some inspiration and maybe Vintage wedding dress is a good choice to find that one special dress. If you want to find more dresses like the one bellow check out DresseStylist.

Now let's look at other cultures for a little bit. First dress that comes to my mind is Indian wedding dress. Luxury of colors and details. In past the dress was traditional red sari and it was made of silk. Later woman expanded the choice of color as well as material. Same thing happened in other Eastern cultures like Chinese, Pakistan and Vietnam. Traditional red dress is not only option any more. Japanese weddings involve white traditional white kimono.

What do you think about vintage wedding dresses?


Thursday, December 18, 2014

Empty #18

Treacle Moon My Coconut Island shower gel - When I first tried My Coconut Island I wasn't really into it because I didn't like the smell but somehow I loved the smell on my skin so this is something I would definitely buy again.

Loreal Evlital Color Glanz shampoo - yet another bottle-

Balea Splashy Kiwi body lotion - One of many Balea body lotions in my stash. I used mostly for my legs because I didn't like the smell on my skin. I wouldn't buy this scent agin. 

Lush Snow Fairy Sparkle massage bar( click here ) - I love this product and everything that smells like Lush Snow Fairy!

Lush Sex Bomb -  click here

Lush Comforter - click here

Lush Honey Trap - My favorite lip balm, hopefully I will buy it again. It is a shame we don't have Lush in my hometown.

Essence Master Of Magic lip balm - This was one of my favorite products lately. Good quality and gives my lips little bit of color. Perfect for everyday use.

Loreal mini conditioners - once again in Empty post :)

Did you tried any of these products?

Monday, December 15, 2014

Project 365 vol 2: Week 13, 14 and 15

Day 85:Candy

Day 86: The time

Day 87: In the car...

Day 88: Leo

Day 89: Catching up with Homeland :)

Day 90: Cupcakes!

Day 91: First candle is burning!

Day 92: Details

Day 93: On the wall...

Day 94: Pink

Day 95: Ćevapi

Day 96: Stars

Day 97: Nikola

Day 98: Kinder chocolate

Day 99: Santa...

Day 100: Me and my girl :)

Day 101: Gingers

Day 102: Christmas wheat

Day 103: Home is where the love is.

Day 104: Silver and white

Day 105: Snowflakes

Saturday, December 13, 2014

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Inspired by artwork

One of my favorite nail art designs is floral. So it wasn't hard choice when I saw beautiful artwork bellow. My nail art can't measure with it but I did try :)

I used: Malena number 2, p2 Open Your Heart!, p2 Fever, Essence Inti Inka, Essence Sundancer Golden Rose 330 and China Glaze Snow ( somehow I forgot to include it in the pic bellow ).

Just few more left:

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Essence Mountain Calling: translucent powder and hand balm

This is rare occasion when I bought products from Essence Trend Edition that don't include nail polish or a blush. Instead I picked up translucent powder Snow Alert! and hand balm Meet Me @ The Ski Lodge.

Snow Alert! translucent powder

Recently I finished my Essence Fix & Matte translucent loose powder which is discontinued but instead of that there is Essence compact translucent powder. Essence Fix & Matte has better reviews and it was favorite of many but I wanted to give a chance to compact powder as well. I wanted to buy regular version but I go this one from Mountain Calling TE. I believe that we have the same product in different packing but I can't say for sure because I didn't try both products. 
Snow Alert! is compact translucent powder in simple, round, hard plastic packing. It contains 8 g of product. I apply it with powder brush and it applies easily, there are few fall outs but you can easily pick them up with the brush. Like other Essence translucent powders, it is not completely translucent so you have to be careful if you don't want white marks on your face. I like to use it before I apply foundation to set the base and it works great. My foundation lasts longer and there is no fear that the powder will be visible on my face.

Meet Me @ The Ski Lodge hand balm

Just look at the packing of the hand balm and you will see why I needed this hand balm. It looks so pretty! Everything else is a bonus. The hand balm smells so good, milk protein and cotton! The smell lasts for couple of hours but absorbs very quickly and it is not greasily. My skin is smooth and moisturized! Definitely one of my favorite products at the moment!

Do you like Essence Mountain Calling TE? Did you tried or you want to try some products?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bridal trends

When it comes to weddings, that is the topic everyone has think of at some point. Some people want it big, some want it small and some people don't want it at all. I can easily put myself into wedding lover category. I imagined and thought of weddings million times in my life, especially when I was a little girl. One thing was always most important - the dress. Fashion changes really quickly so question for brides is what to choose, modern or traditional wedding dress. I say it is best to find it somewhere in the middle. I want to look at my wedding album years later and still be in love with my dress ( and with my love as well, I can't forget about him of course ). 

Every country or region has their own customs and traditions. Fashion trends change very quickly but one thing always managed to stay beyond trend and survive different customs around the world . The color - white dress. Yes, some colors emerged a bit at least with few little details but first choice remains white. You can find many ivory dresses as well but to me choice was clear, only white dress nothing else. Usually I love colors and I like to spice things up a little bit but when it comes to wedding dress and color I am very traditional. I would rather be on trend with the silhouette, material or details. 

Last few years everything is about lace, ruffles and even though princess dresses are still very popular, lately there are more and more mermaid dresses. Probably most important thing is to find something that fits and flatters your body and something that makes you feel special. 

Corset dresses are also still here but one shoulder dresses are getting more popular as well as sheer illusion which I love very, very much. Mine wedding dress had sheer illusion in front and back and it made everything more interesting and I didn't need any kind of necklace because sheer detail in front was perfect the way it was. Also little bit of sheer in the back can give you sexy back and be elegant in same time. I also seen dresses with long sleeve which look so beautiful and elegant especially if there is lace involved. ( It is all because of you Kate Middleton!! ). After our little sum up if you want to see more check out DresseStylist and wedding dresses 2015 UK

What do you think about wedding dresses and trends? Are you modern or traditional?

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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Feel good post

Sometimes it is hard to find inspiration to do anything...

pretty pictures can help, at least to me.

Sometimes change can hit you hard, no matter how good it is. It is so strange to feel like stranger for such a long time...but it is so good when everything goes back to normal...or to my new normal.

I miss books, it's been months since a read a book. There is something truly special abut whole new world that reading can give you. I hope my book pause will end soon!

Christmas is around the corner and I can't wait. I adore everything about Christmas. The lights, family together, the smell of Christmas and the tree...

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