Thursday, May 30, 2013

Saran wrap manicure

Nail Crazy is celebrating her 1000 followers by throwing a giveaway. All you have to do is make a manicure, post it online and she will randomly choose a winner. I decided to go with saran wrap manicure. I tried it few days ago for the first time and it was easiest thing to do so I did another one today for Nail Crazy. What is great about saran wrap manicure is that you can paint your nails any color you want, wear it for day or two and then instead of removing it you can make a completely different thing out of it. That is what I did both times. First I applied Sinful Colors Cinderella and when I decided to turn it into a saran mani I added S-he 462. Very easy and quick with cute end result.

Since I never showed you my swatch of  Sinful Colors Cinderella here it is. I got this nail polish in a swap last year and I really like it. It is a light blue with pink shimmer, kind of like Cinderella's ball gown. On picture bellow I have 2 coats, it might be better with another coat but this is pretty too. The picture is taken on natural day light. 

In the end this is my first saran wrap mani from few days ago. I had p2 Open Your Heart! on my nails and it started to chip a little bit so I remembered I could do saran mani. It turn out pretty good and I have feeling that I will do this mani very often.

I used: p2 Open Your Heart, Malena number 2, Essence Rich & Pretty

Do you like saran wrap manicure? Did you tried it?

New in ( May 2013 )

Today I only have time to do a quick post so I decided to show you some products that I picked up lately. I usually don't do hauls or new-in posts because I rarely buy a lot of products at once. So this is something like a collective May new in post :D
On the first picture I have two body lotions and one hair product. Even though I said I will not buy body lotions any time soon that didn't last for long. In only few weeks I picked up two. First one is Bebe Young Care Night Glow. This product is out there for a while but I never tried it before. Summer is near and everything that says "glow" is a real danger for me. This one has very delicate glow, almost invisible I would say but it smells amazing so I will survive. The bottle contains 400 ml and this product is intended for normal skin. The other body lotion is Balea Summer Glam. I stopped myself from buying this product once because there is still enough time before summer but I couldn't do it the second time. This is one of new limited edition Balea products but it is actually exactly the same thing Balea had few years ago. The same color, texture and smell, only different thing is the package ( which contains 200 ml of product just like last time ). I love everything about this product, especially beautiful golden shimmer. I'm sure that this will be my summer favorite and that I will have to buy at least one more for backup.
Last product in first group is L'oreal Elvital Color Protect spray. I bought it today and used for the first time few hours ago. I love L'oreal hair products, hopefully this one will be as good as others. The bottle contains 200 ml.

My go to deo-spray is Dove Original mostly because I can't find anything else that I like. I couldn't find Dove Original so I decided to try Dove Go Fresh and it is surprisingly good. Still not as prefect as Original but it will be great replacement. 
I also have two Schwarzkopf Got2Be product. First one is Got2Be Guardian Angel heath protection. I can't say a lot about it because I only tried once, but I will share with you my opinion in the future. The product I did test little bit more is Got2Be Rocking It! dry shampoo and I love it. It really works great with my hair. After I spray it not only I can skip the washing my hair it also gives my hair volume and my hair looks really nice. Before Got2Be Rocking It! I used Balea dry shampoo but I can't see myself coming back to it because this one is so much better. 

The last group of products is Avon. I have Avon Naturals Herbal Dog Rose & Aloe face cream ( 50 ml ) and  face cleanser ( 100 ml ). Both products are for normal / oily skin type. I have normal / dry skin and they worked very well for me but I tried it only few times so far, for that reason I can't say much about it but I will probably write about them in the future. Next product is Avon AT Moroccan Argan Oil ( 30 ml ) which was on my list for some time. I still haven't used it but I will mention this on my blog for sure. The last product today is Avon Naturals Red Roses & Peach body whip ( 200 ml ). I got this from my cousin because she didn't like the smell and whip texture. It is no wonder that I love both and I have a feeling that this will be gone soon. 

Do you have any of these products? 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Born Pretty Store review: Stud Rhinestone nail art box

Today I have another Born Pretty Store review for you. I did a simple nail art with stud rhinestones that I received from BPS for a review. From 12 different rhinestones I decided to go with square. First I applied Color Club Glitter Wonderland as a base color and after that was dry it was time for rhinestones. 

Rhinestones application was very easy and quick. I don't use rhinestones often mostly because most of them are too thick and they fell off very quickly. As you can see on the picture bellow these are pretty good. They are not thick and they fit to the nail very well.

What I like about this stud rhinestone box is that there are a lot of choices to do a fun mani and as most rhinestones they are easy to work with! If you want to check out stud rhinestones click here , also if you want to shop at BPS you can use the DCL91 to get the 10% off.

Project 365 ( 1-7 )

I decided to start Project 365, most of you probably heard about it and...Every week ( on Sunday or Monday ) I will post seven photos, one for each day in the week. In a year I will have 365 pictures. I know that is not the beginning of the year but I'm really excited about this and I hope it will be fun! 

Day 1: The book I'm reading right now, "The last letter form your lover"

Day 2: My first display of colors, nail polish of course :) I have it for years!

Day 3: Cooking...

Day 4: Flower for cold and rainy day.

Day 5: "You are fired" every single

Day 6: My cousin has a new member of family!!

Day 7: Sunday's usual :D

Friday, May 24, 2013

My nail polish stash: orange

Essence You're My Dragonfly, Sugar - from Natventurista TE. Nice color but very sheer, I need at least 3 coats to get the opacity.

Essence Andy, You're A Star - from Whoom! Boooom!!! TE. This is bright medium orange, I was very excited about it when I bought it but actually I was never into this color.

Bourjois Coral Magique - One of my favorites. Beautiful medium coral with loads of golden shimmer / falkies. Perfect for spring / summer!

p2 Flirt Alert - Beautiful cream color but when I bought it I realized that I have few colors that are very close to this one. So, this is the last orange that I picked up because I realized that I have enough of them and that I always reach for the same colors. 

Essence Queen Of My Cloud Castle - from Fantasia TE. This color is very pretty but almost the same as previous one. The difference is gorgeous micro multi colored shimmer in this one.

China Glaze Flirty Tankini - Another beauty but also another nail polish that is so close to something else in my stash. I even made a post dedicated to China Glaze Flirty Tankini and Essence Queen Of My Cloud Castle because they are so close. They are not 100% dupes but they are not very different. Between the two I prefer Flirty Tankini.

Rimmel Instyle Coral - This group of polishes is... let's say a dupe group. For a while I was reaching for corals and now I have few dupes. Instyle Coral is just a tiny bit lighter then Essence Off To Miami! and Sinful Colors Boogie Nights.

Essence Off To Miami! - Cream coral 

Sinful Colors Boogie Nights - Cream coral, click here to see closer comparison to Rimmel Instyle Coral and Essence Boogie Nights

Catrice I Scream Peach - Very nice spring / summer color. One of my first Catrice nail polishes. It might look like Sinful Colors Hazard on the pictures but they are not the same, close but this one is brighter.

Sinful Colors Hazard - I got this one in a swap and I was very happy with my choice when I got it. I love Hazard because it is a bright color but it kinda looks like a pastel. Weird, I know but beautiful.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy - One of most popular China Glaze polishes. The color is awesome, so bright and perfect for summer...but the formula is just bad. No matter how many layers I have it is always unevem. I still use it a lot because I adore the color.

p2 Electric - Now here is another dupe group. In my defense I have to say that I bought only one by myself from three dupe nail polishes I have here. p2 Electric is a classic orange picked up by my boyfriend.

MUA I Want You - I got this one as a gift with my MUA order, another classic orange. Cream finish, 2 coats are enough for full opacity.

Essence Orange Sunset - from Bondi Beach TE. Now this one I picked up by myself, at the time it was unique in my collection. Just like previous two it is a cream orange. This color is great for summer but I like to wear colors like this any time of year.

Essence Why Not? - This is one of few Essence Multi Dimension that I still have. It was one of my favorites when I bought it but I haven't used it for a long time, I think it would take a hundred years for it to dry. Anyway, it is a very nice shimmery orange!

Essence You're The One - This one is the darkest one from all polishes I have here today. I like to wear it time to time but I remember when I bought it, it was on my nails all the time!

Maybelline Peach Cocktail -  One of the prettiest summer nail polishes. I usually wear it on my toes. The color is really beautiful, bright and very shimmery!

Nivea Cherry Glace - Beautiful coral which I haven't used for a very long time, it is a lot like Avon Coral Reef that I used up, so now I will probably reach for this one more often. 

S-he number 208 - Another beauty, orange with loads of silver shimmer and orange flakies. What I love about this one and other S-he nail polishes is that they dry so fast. I usually use it when I'm in a hurry. 

Essence Candycotion - from Crazy Good Times TE - Very close to S-he 208 but this one is even more beautiful. Jelly formula with loads of orange flakies.

Bourjois number 11 - This is a red orange, in the bottle it is more orange but on the nails looks more red. very nice color.

Sinful Colors Timbleberry - My favorite from today! This is one of those prefect summer colors that is so beautiful that you wear it all year long. The color is very interesting. It is a coral but it has a pink and sometime redish tone in it, it just depends on the light. Perfection!

Golden Rose number 322 - This one is very close to Sinful Colors Timbleberry, this is a redish coral. Very beautiful and eye catching color.

I'm finally done with orange, honestly I was little bit afraid of it because I knew that I fave few dupe colors. For that reason I decided to stay away from them for a while because I obviously like the same colors. Now when I see a nice orange / peach / coral in drugstores I just keep going! I hope that next week I will show you my pink nail polishes and I have to say  I'm terrified of that because I'm a pink girl and I really hope that it is not too crazy!

What is your favorite orange nail polish?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Empty #7

Ebelin cotton pads - It is no wonder I have this here, I use them all the time and  I already bought another package.

Balea Chocolate and fig body lotion - I featured this product on my blog few times, it was a winter favorite and since it is a limited edition I'm thinking about buying one more because I might need it it my stash :D

Labello Angel Star - This is actually something I bought long time ago and just like most of my lip balms I lost it. I found it and started using again but I don't have good words for it. It dries out my lips and it feels like I need to reapply it every five minutes. 

Loreal Elvital Volume - Collagen 2 in 1 - I adore Loreal shampoos, this one is great. It gives my hair nice volume and I like how my hair looks when I'm using it. Another favorite!

Art Deco eyeshadow base -  Great product, I had it for a very long time and I was more then happy with it. With Art Deco base my eyeshadow lasts for all day long. Now I use Essence I Love Stage but I will come back to Art Deco.

Christina Aguilera fragrance - I love Christina Aguilera fragrance, it has a beautiful scent and it is long lasting. I'm so happy because I already have a new bottle, my mom had it and gave it to me :))

Classics sponge nail polish remover - I love this thing!! It removes my nail polish so easily, even the glitter. It lasts like any regular removers and it is cheap. I will definitely buy it again.

Catrice Infinite Matt foundation - I have another IM in my stash and that is what I use the most, unfortunately Catrice discontinued it.

Essence nail polish remover - Since my last Empty post I finished two removers, Classics and Essence which I usually use. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Born Pretty Store review: nail art foils

Today I tried foil manicure for the first time ever. I always avoided it because I thought it is too complicated and because I was sure that design from the foil won't transfer the way I want. I received two nail art foil from Born Pretty Store, the green one and orange - red - purple ombre which is my favorite from the two. Foils come in plastic pot, the size  is 113 cm ( lenght ) and 2.5 cm ( width ). 

To do the foil manicure you need few things: nail polish similar to the foil, wooden stick and foil glue. I have my foil glue from Essence Nails In Style TE ( which I never used before! ), if you don't have a foil glue you can use a nail polish ( apply  first coat, wait for it to dry, apply another coat, wait for it to dry but not completely ). Before you start working first you need to cut foil to 10 small pieces and apply nail polish similar as color of the foil because it is always possible that some part of the foil will not transfer very well, but with similar base color in will not be visible. After nail polish is completely dry it is time to apply foil glue and foil. It is the best to do one nail at the time. When you apply the foil you can use your finger or better wood stick to press foil into the nail to make sure foil transfers evenly. After that it is time to gently remove the foil and after all nails are done apply top coat.

I was surprised how quickly I finished and also my fear that foil will not transfer was for nothing. Transfer was easy and it was almost 100 % , there was few tiny spots where it didn't transfer but because of base color it wasn't visible. I'm still not sure how long will this mani last on my nails but I believe it will be same as usual, nothing more or less. 

I'm glad that I finally tried foil technique and I'm looking forward to new foil manicures. It is easy and the end result is great. My nails look so shiny and the ombre design is really interesting. The price of one foil is 2,99 $ , you can choose your color / design. If you want to shop at Born Pretty Store you can use the code DCL91 to get 10% off.

Do you like foil manicure? Did you tried it?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The end of season: Grey's anatomy, Hart of Dixie, Revenge and Glee ( spoiler alert )

TV show season is ending soon, most of my shows ended and it is time for this seasons quick recap :)

Grey's anatomy

For years Grey's Anatomy was one of my favorite TV shows and I'm so glad that after 9 seasons they are  amazing. They had ups and downs but still remain on the high level. Season 9 was very, very good and I really enjoyed it, Grey's Anatomy was one of my favorite shows to watch this TV season. After last year's finale I thought that there is no way for it to be great again, not after so much death and depression but I was so wrong. This season we had new interns that fit the story perfectly and we have our good old characters, it was great to watch how they developed as doctors and characters. Season finale was dramatic. I was hoping for something more quiet but of course it was drama, drama, drama in good, old Grey's Anatomy style. I was on the edge all the time and I was expecting something bad to happen. It was very sad in the end but I was also very happy about McFamily and their McBaby. Meredith and Derek are one of my favorite couples and I accept only happy life for them :) Next season is season 10 which is great accomplishment. I can't wait for new episodes and with great season 9 I have high expectations about S9 but I honestly believe that Grey's Anatomy stay on the same level.

Hart Of Dixie

Hart Of Dixie is one of the sweetest shows ever. Light and happy, it can really put me in a good mood. Season 2 was really good. I love all the characters, even the ones that annoyed me before. Everyone is fun and likable right now and I hope they continue this way. I'm big fan of Zade and you can guess that I'm happy about season finale and how things between them worked out though the season and in the end.


Revenge had an amazing season 1 and I was little bit worried about season 2. It started great, they just continued where they left off and they kept everything interesting. They had some new characters, some new back stories but it was going well. Then suddenly they got lost. Back stories became main focus and main story became back story. With each episode things got worst until season finale where everything was great again. If they did that 10 episodes ago it would be amazing. However it is what it is and I'm not sure how S3 look like but I have to admit that I can't wait to see what happens.


To tell you the truth I was sure that Glee is going to be a big mess this season. Just look at the picture and see how much characters they have. The start of the season was good, much better then expected but as the season was going on it went down hill. There was part in the school with old and bunch of new characters and part in New York with few old characters. At times the plot was interesting but most times everything was already seen and going in circles. I'm not sure what will they do next season but I'm not very optimistic. Season 1 was brilliant but everything after that was washed out. I will probably watch next season only because I'm used to...

Do you watch any of these TV shows? What is your favorite TV show?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Balea body lotions, creams and hand lotions

I love Balea products especially their lotions and creams ( and of course shower gels ). They always have the cutest package, they smell amazing , they have good quality and they are inexpensive. Currently I have few body lotions, one cream and mosse and I need to stop myself from buying new until I run out of these.

I have four body lotions and I'm in love with them! This winter I was obsessed with chocolate scent so I adored Balea chocolate and fig lotion and Balea Young Sweet Wonderland! Chocolate and fig is almost gone and I'm thinking about getting a backup but since I find chocolate smell too heavy in spring and summer I'm not sure about that. Other two Balea lotions that I own Kiwi and Almond oil smell amazing, especially Almond oil and I hope that they will not discontinue it. Balea body lotions are easy to apply and they are quickly absorbed, they also have a nice texture. I love them!
Balea Raspberry body moose smells amazing. I like the mosse texture and this one is perfect for this time of year and it is the one I use the most right now. As you can see on the picture I also have Shea butter cream because every now and then I like to come back to good old classic cream, this one is great!

Few weeks ago for the first time I tried shower lotion Beautiful Berries, amazing smell and very good shower gel but I prefer regular body lotion because I  don't like combination of the two together because it doesn't really help my dry skin. 
The last items I have here are two hand creams. If you follow me you could already see that I can't live without hand creams / lotions. On first pic there is my Balea Dark Glamour, which has great package which   is very practical, I always have it beside my bed. It also smells really nice and the quality is good. Another hand cream that I have is Balea Olive which I keep in my bag. I have to say that I prefer Olive between the two because I only need to apply a very small amount of product because it is very moisturizing. However, both are really good!
As I said before there are so many new products that are on my wishlist but I honestly want to wait for a while until I purchase them, but we will see how long will that be :D
Do you like Balea? Which  one is your favorite product?

Preview: Catrice LE Matchpoint

Is it just me or there are a lot of Essence / Catrice collections lately. Today we can see promo pictures of Catrice Matchpoint. Limited edition will be available from June 2013 and it contains:  blush sticks, lip balm tint, eyeshadows, eyeshadow base & highlighter, mascara, nail polishes and cosmetic cube bag.

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