Thursday, May 30, 2013

New in ( May 2013 )

Today I only have time to do a quick post so I decided to show you some products that I picked up lately. I usually don't do hauls or new-in posts because I rarely buy a lot of products at once. So this is something like a collective May new in post :D
On the first picture I have two body lotions and one hair product. Even though I said I will not buy body lotions any time soon that didn't last for long. In only few weeks I picked up two. First one is Bebe Young Care Night Glow. This product is out there for a while but I never tried it before. Summer is near and everything that says "glow" is a real danger for me. This one has very delicate glow, almost invisible I would say but it smells amazing so I will survive. The bottle contains 400 ml and this product is intended for normal skin. The other body lotion is Balea Summer Glam. I stopped myself from buying this product once because there is still enough time before summer but I couldn't do it the second time. This is one of new limited edition Balea products but it is actually exactly the same thing Balea had few years ago. The same color, texture and smell, only different thing is the package ( which contains 200 ml of product just like last time ). I love everything about this product, especially beautiful golden shimmer. I'm sure that this will be my summer favorite and that I will have to buy at least one more for backup.
Last product in first group is L'oreal Elvital Color Protect spray. I bought it today and used for the first time few hours ago. I love L'oreal hair products, hopefully this one will be as good as others. The bottle contains 200 ml.

My go to deo-spray is Dove Original mostly because I can't find anything else that I like. I couldn't find Dove Original so I decided to try Dove Go Fresh and it is surprisingly good. Still not as prefect as Original but it will be great replacement. 
I also have two Schwarzkopf Got2Be product. First one is Got2Be Guardian Angel heath protection. I can't say a lot about it because I only tried once, but I will share with you my opinion in the future. The product I did test little bit more is Got2Be Rocking It! dry shampoo and I love it. It really works great with my hair. After I spray it not only I can skip the washing my hair it also gives my hair volume and my hair looks really nice. Before Got2Be Rocking It! I used Balea dry shampoo but I can't see myself coming back to it because this one is so much better. 

The last group of products is Avon. I have Avon Naturals Herbal Dog Rose & Aloe face cream ( 50 ml ) and  face cleanser ( 100 ml ). Both products are for normal / oily skin type. I have normal / dry skin and they worked very well for me but I tried it only few times so far, for that reason I can't say much about it but I will probably write about them in the future. Next product is Avon AT Moroccan Argan Oil ( 30 ml ) which was on my list for some time. I still haven't used it but I will mention this on my blog for sure. The last product today is Avon Naturals Red Roses & Peach body whip ( 200 ml ). I got this from my cousin because she didn't like the smell and whip texture. It is no wonder that I love both and I have a feeling that this will be gone soon. 

Do you have any of these products? 


  1. You gonna love Avon AT Argain Oil, since I use it on my ends, they're soft as they've never been before.
    I would get this Balea lotion, but I still have one similar from last year, that I haven't finish yet. I'm bad, when it comes to using lotions.

  2. krasne stvarčice, naročito mi primamljivo izgledaju avonovi proizvodi :D


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