Sunday, May 12, 2013

Essence Guerilla Gardening Mission Flower blush

When I first saw Guerilla Gardening  promo pics I had my eye on the blush because I love Essence cream blushes. However, this one is cream to powder blush. The color is really beautiful pink which looks very fresh and natural on the cheeks. I applied it with stipple brush because I usually apply cream blush with it but I might as well try regular blush brush. Mission Flower applies and blends easily and it looks really nice, perfect spring / summer blush. 

Essence Mission Flower contains 2.5 g of product. Overall I like this product, it is my first cream to powder blush and it is really good but I prefer regular cream blush. Beside the blush I think that Guerilla Gardening trend edition is really nice but I didn't picked up anything else. I wanted to get lip creams too, but I didn't find the pink one and somehow I wasn't into the red one :)

Do you like Essence Guerilla Gardening?


  1. prelepo rumenilo! jako ga zelim :)

  2. Beautiful color! Love it!


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