Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Empty #7

Ebelin cotton pads - It is no wonder I have this here, I use them all the time and  I already bought another package.

Balea Chocolate and fig body lotion - I featured this product on my blog few times, it was a winter favorite and since it is a limited edition I'm thinking about buying one more because I might need it it my stash :D

Labello Angel Star - This is actually something I bought long time ago and just like most of my lip balms I lost it. I found it and started using again but I don't have good words for it. It dries out my lips and it feels like I need to reapply it every five minutes. 

Loreal Elvital Volume - Collagen 2 in 1 - I adore Loreal shampoos, this one is great. It gives my hair nice volume and I like how my hair looks when I'm using it. Another favorite!

Art Deco eyeshadow base -  Great product, I had it for a very long time and I was more then happy with it. With Art Deco base my eyeshadow lasts for all day long. Now I use Essence I Love Stage but I will come back to Art Deco.

Christina Aguilera fragrance - I love Christina Aguilera fragrance, it has a beautiful scent and it is long lasting. I'm so happy because I already have a new bottle, my mom had it and gave it to me :))

Classics sponge nail polish remover - I love this thing!! It removes my nail polish so easily, even the glitter. It lasts like any regular removers and it is cheap. I will definitely buy it again.

Catrice Infinite Matt foundation - I have another IM in my stash and that is what I use the most, unfortunately Catrice discontinued it.

Essence nail polish remover - Since my last Empty post I finished two removers, Classics and Essence which I usually use. 


  1. I love that Catrice foundation too, I was so upset when they discontinued it, bought the last 2 bottles I could find! I love that Christina Aguilera perfume too x

  2. bravo za potrosene proizvode:)

  3. essence odstranjivač s mirisom kokosa sam doslovno trošila na litre dok se nisam prebacila na aveo... biiiiig mistake, ovaj je s acetonom i već mi je načeo nokte :P
    zato se vraćam na essence :D

    1. Korisna informacija jer mi se baš nešto Aveo mota po glavi :)


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