Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Feather manicure ( Born Pretty Store review )

Feather manicures always capture my attention so when I saw cute pink and black polka dot feathers on Born Pretty Store I knew it is time to finally try it. So I received a little feathers package , watched few YouTube tutorials just to get the idea how everything works and then I tried it myself. 

I used Golden Rose 348 as base color. I placed feathers on three fingers on each hand and I left two nails only with base color. The procedure is simple. You apply base color and while it is still wet you place the feather. The best way is to place the pointy part on the top because it gives the best result. You can use your finger or tweezers to dab the feather on to the nail. Then use a top coat to seal it. Wait for it to dry and use clippers to cut the excess of feathers. In the end apply another coat of top coat. 

Feathers manicure is really cute and eye catching. It is easy to do it but this one will take little bit more time that the usual nail art but it is definitely worth it! 
In the package you get 5 pieces for 1.35$ and there are 12 color available. If you want to shop at Born Pretty Store you can use the 10% off code DCL91 .

Did you tried feather manicure?


  1. nice post kisses http://perlitalizardo.blogspot.com/

  2. I love your blog <3 followed you btw, hope you can follow back and check out my new blog post on http://herderigueur.blogspot.com/2013/05/youre-from-70s-but-im-90s-btch.html :)

  3. I really like feather manicure. I have to try it myself too once.

  4. Joj kako je ovo divno :))
    Ja sam u fazi oporavka pa samo gledam i uzdisem..

  5. Amazing! Feather detail is perfect. Love greyish - pinkish combo

  6. What an awesome idea!! Never would have thought that you could use large feathers like that in nail art. Gorgeous x


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