Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bourjois Healty Mix foundation

After reading so many positive reviews about Bourjois Healty Mix, this liquid foundation became something I definitely wanted to try. First step was find the right color, Light Beige was great match for my skin tone. Healty Mix has a nice texture, it it not too thick or thin so it applies easily. It looks really nice on my face, my skin tone is even. For some small imperfections it is good enough alone but sometimes you will need little help from your concealer. I usually apply conceler under my eyes but for the rest of my face Bourjois Healty Mix is all I need. Healty Mix lasts on my face for 5-6 hours. So if I need makeup for only few hours it is a very good choice. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case with me lately. I would usually leave my house early in the morining and be away until late afternoon or the night. After few hours the foundation would just wipe away from my face. 

Overall Healty Mix is a very good foundation if you need it for a while. For all day long foundation it is better to look for something else, even though loose powder could make it last a bit longer. Other then that everything about it is positive. It has a nice coverage, gives you natural and even skin tone. It doesn't look heavy on your face.

After I use up my bottle I'm not sure I'm going to buy it again. There are so many products out there that I want to try and I tried better then this one so far. Maybe when I need something for only few hours but for now I'm gonna rather try something new.
In the end I have to say that my skin is normal / dry and this foundation works best for my skin type.

Do you like Bourjois products? Did you tried Bourjois Healty Mix?

Monday, February 24, 2014

Project 365 ( 273 - 279 )

Week 40...

Day 273: Vintage

Day 274: Corner

Day 275: Pretty little dresses.

Day 276: Squares

Day 277: More flowers!

Day 278: Gift from my girls!

Day 279: White!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

TV show - wishlist + a challenge

No matter how much TV shows I watch there is always a long list of those shows that I put my What To Watch list. Everytime when I start watching something from the list I happily remove it and I imagine how I'm one step closer to removing everything from the list when I actually add five more shows. Now I decided for a challenge, since there is always something that I wanna wach before something else I will post it here and then every now and then I will look back at this list and see where am at this time next year. I'm 100% sure that this list won't be complete in a year but I'm wondering how far I will get. So let's look at my wishlist first:

Parks and recreation

I will start the list with comedy. Parks And Recreation is on my list for a while and I really hope I will watch it soon. There are 6  seasons and 7th is running right now which is a lot but each episode is only 20 minutes so let's think positive! Main reason why I think this show is a must is Amy! 

30 Rock

If I said thatI love Amy you can guess that I also love Tina Fey. I've already seen some episodes of 30 Rock but I really want to see everythhing right from the start. Good thing is that I aready know that I love the show but there are 7 seasons. Again, we will stay positive because the show is ended so there are no more surprises about it :D


Another show that is ended, that has 8 seasons and that I saw few times before. I have a feeling when I start wacthing it will go pretty fast!


You know you will find little bit love and drama on my list - here is Greek. I want to watch Greek for such a long time that I don't even remember for how long. Hopefully this is the year when I finally will. The show ended in 2011 after 6 seasons!

Friday Night Lights

American football isn't something I'm interested in but I've heard so many good things about this show that I really want to watch it asap. I have a feeling that I could convince my boyfriend to watch it with me so maybe there is hope for this show. Friday Night Lights ended after 5 seasons.


Only thing keeping me away from Supernatural is the fact that I'm convinced that this show is too scary for me. I don't watch horor movies at all but it is time pass that. It is impossible not to be intrigued with Supernatural with so many fans all over internet. Supernatural is still running and there are 9 ( !!!! ) seasons.

The Americans

Now here is something from 2013 and there is only 13 episodes so far. That gives me hope for this show, that and the fact that this something my boyfriend would definitely watch with me so it will be much easier.

Under The Dome

Another new show with 13 episodes so far. My cousin recommended it and since we have exactly the same taste I know I will take a look as soon as possible.

Gilmore Girls

We will finsih the list with one of sweetest shows ever! I aready saw most of it but never in right order so I'm looking forward see everything from the start and I don't mind the episodes that I already seen.

And that's it!  Now when most of "regular" shows are on a break it is good time to start with something new. I believe it will be Supernatural but who knows...Interesting thing is that when I think about each show I'm sure I will watch it :D

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...what about you? What do you think about my list? If you saw some of these shows what would you recommend to watch first?

pic source: tumblr

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Project 365 ( 266 - 272 )

Week 39...

Day 266: Blue.

Day 267: Lavander

Day 268: Bannana and Nutella!

Day 269: Wishlist :D

Day 270: Discovering new Milka flavors :))))

Day 271: Dinner.

Day 272: NOTD Bourjois no 17 and Golden Rose no 9

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Beauty UK Eden eyeshaddow palette and Voodoo nail polish

Today I have two Beauty UK products. These are my first two ( out of 3 ) Beauty UK products and it is not that I only had new brand to try out I also won these two products in giveaway so that is what makes them extra special for me! 

The palette is called Eden and it is made of beautiful neutral eyeshadows. You can never go wrong with something like this so you can guess that I really like this palette. I usually use it with eyeshadow base so they last the hole day. Now let's look at the swatches!

First row, especially first three eyeshadows are not very pigmented and even though I will use them less then others it is not impossible to find the purpose for them. Also in first row you can see two matte eyeshadows, all the other are shimmery.

If you think first row isn't something the second row will change your mind because these eyeshadows are gorgeous. They are pigmented and so, so beautiful. These are the ones I use the most.
Overall, this palette is perfect for everyday looks but you can also use it for some more dramatic looks and I'm more then happy because I have it in my collection!

Beauty UK Glam Nails - Voodoo

Beauty UK Voodoo is gorgeous dark red with shiny finish. I'm into reds again so this is something I wear a lot these days. The bottle contains 9 ml of product, it has nice, thin brush and it applies easily. 

Do you like Beauty UK products? What would you recommend?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Catrice Creme Fresh nail polishes

Catrice Creme Fresh Limited Edition came into drugstores few days ago and pastel nail polishes were something I just needed in my collection. Spring is near and pastels are perfect so why pass on this ;) I have two nail polishes: the green one Evergreen 60's and yellow one Make Fast At Tiffany's. Both of them are gorgeous colors but surprisingly green is my favorite. I believe that I will wear both more then few times this spring and summer!

Do you like pastel nail polishes? Do you like Catrice Creme Fresh limited edition?

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Project 365 ( 259 - 265 )

Week 38...

Day 259: Green and yellow

Day 260: Find the difference!

Day 261: Lovely bottle!

Day 262: Doing my nails...

Day 263: Dinner.

Day 264: Looking at my photos!

Day 265: Only bug that I like!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Project 365 ( 252 - 258 )

Week 37...is comming few days later, but here it is :)

Day 252: Little bit of spring :)

Day 253: Swach...

Day 254: Early morning.

Day 255: I can't say this was healthy breakfast but it was taisty.

Day 256: Listen to the radio!

Day 257: Black and white!

Day 258: I LOVE THIS PHOTO!!! :))))
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