Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bourjois Healty Mix foundation

After reading so many positive reviews about Bourjois Healty Mix, this liquid foundation became something I definitely wanted to try. First step was find the right color, Light Beige was great match for my skin tone. Healty Mix has a nice texture, it it not too thick or thin so it applies easily. It looks really nice on my face, my skin tone is even. For some small imperfections it is good enough alone but sometimes you will need little help from your concealer. I usually apply conceler under my eyes but for the rest of my face Bourjois Healty Mix is all I need. Healty Mix lasts on my face for 5-6 hours. So if I need makeup for only few hours it is a very good choice. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case with me lately. I would usually leave my house early in the morining and be away until late afternoon or the night. After few hours the foundation would just wipe away from my face. 

Overall Healty Mix is a very good foundation if you need it for a while. For all day long foundation it is better to look for something else, even though loose powder could make it last a bit longer. Other then that everything about it is positive. It has a nice coverage, gives you natural and even skin tone. It doesn't look heavy on your face.

After I use up my bottle I'm not sure I'm going to buy it again. There are so many products out there that I want to try and I tried better then this one so far. Maybe when I need something for only few hours but for now I'm gonna rather try something new.
In the end I have to say that my skin is normal / dry and this foundation works best for my skin type.

Do you like Bourjois products? Did you tried Bourjois Healty Mix?

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