Thursday, February 23, 2012

Blog awards: Cute Blog Award, Liebster Blog and Kreativ Blogger Award

I got more awesome blog awards. I will do all of them in this post so it is probably going to be a long one! This time I wont cheat and combine them together :)) So let's get started...

First one is Cute Blog Award. I got this award from amazing Cynical Romantic from Bitchy Dust blog. Thank you very much dear!!

Now all I need to do is answer few questions:

1. What is your go to makeup brand?
My go to makeup brand is Essence. Mostly because most of my makeup products are Essence so no matter what I do I can't miss it.
2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
Hm... probably floral pattern!
3. What is your favorite dessert?
Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate!!!!!
4. Favorite color?
5. What is your middle name?
I don't have a middle name.
6. What is last song you listened to?
Red hot chili peppers - Snow
7.  Cats or dogs?
8. Random fact about you!
I'm afraid of bugs!

I also need to pass this award to few blogs, they are:
Mi cajon de sastre
Geeky owl
Purple Glitters

One down, two to go!!

Lovely Mateja from Purple Glitters blog nominated me for two blog awards! Thank you so much Mateja!! First one is Liebster Blog. It is award for favorite blogs with under 200 followers.

The rules:
1. Put the link to who gave you the award.
2. Put the award into your post.
3. Choose 5 blogs under 200 followers and give them the award.
4. Tell them they received the award.

I give the award to:
Diary of beauty
Beauty blog by Tina
My makeup & you
World of happy nails

Another award that I got from Mateja is Kreativ Blogger Award.

1. Post the link to who gave you the award.
2. Answer the questions.
3. Share 7 random thoughts about yourself.
4. Pass it to the 10 blogs and inform them.

1. Favorite song.
There is no way to decide my one favorite song, if you ask me my 10 favorite songs it would be too hard.
2. Favorite dessert.
3. What drives you insane?
Many things, first thing I can remember at this moment is when people imposing their opinion.
4. When I'm mad...
Sometimes I yell, sometimes I ignore the person who got me mad.
5. Favorite pet?
My dog.
6. Black or white?
7. Biggest fear?
Losing someone I love.
8. My daily attitude...
Be positive!
9. What's perfect?
Spending time with people you love.
10. Guilt?
Nail polishes and chocolate!

7 random thoughts:
- I'm a Libra...and I'm always undecided!
- I hate being undecided most of the time but I can't help it
- I have a boyfriend for 6 years
- I have a brother
- I think that I have too many nail polishes and in same time I don't have enough of know what I mean...wright?
- I always say that no more vampires/ware wolfs books/movies/tv shows for me but I always end up reading/watching all of it
- I don't have a Facebook profile ( and I don't have inspiration to say something better )

Blogs I nominate are:
Dragon Lady Nails
Fashion and Cookies
Let's polish some nails
Me, Makeup and I
My Perfect Lounge
Spellbinding Nails
The apples of mY EYE
Trexacious Eyeshadow Addict
Sonando en tecnicolor

And finally I'm done!

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  1. wow congrats on all the awards!

    Landed on your blog and I love it. I am your newest follower. Please check out my blog and follow me too if you like it, thanks!

    1. Thank you for your comment and thanks for following me, I will check out your blog too!!

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  6. čestitam na nagradama :-D
    završnica je prigodna lol

    1. Hvala :)
      Chandler dance je bio potreban :) odužio mi se post, trebalo mi je puno duže za njega nego što sam mislila :)

  7. Čestitke na nagradama i hvala na prvoj :)

  8. Čestitam na nagradicama i mnogo ti hvala što si me se setila :)

  9. čestitke na nagradama i hvalaa ti sto si se i mene sjetila. lakovi su prekrasni,ovaj essence svakako ide na wish listu

  10. Muchas felicidades por tantos premios y gracias por nominarme a uno de ellos.

    Un beso

  11. Aw! Thanks for the nomination! U rule!

  12. cestitke za nagrade i hvala puno na nominaciji :)))


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