Friday, February 17, 2012

Catrice Absolute Eye Color - OMG I Want That

Maybe a month ago I bought Catrice Absolute Eye Color palette called OMG I Want That. There are four eyeshadows in the palette, they are black, brown, grey and gold. The colors work together very well and it is easy to make eye makeup using only this.  It is usable for day and night looks. I tried it few times and I was very happy with the result. The colors are very pretty and pigmentation is satisfying. 
The lightest color is nude - goldish, when you look at palette it looks nude but when you swatch it what you get is lots of golden shimmer. This color is not very pigmented but it is good highlighter color. Next color is grey, it looks very nice and it's usable in many ways and different combination. The pigmentation is not perfect but is very good. Next is black. Very pigmented, my favorite way to use it is on my crease. The color has pink and green glitter inside, you can't see it on the pictures but it is visible in real life. The last color is medium brown. Looks beautiful and warm, also very pigmented.

The swatch:


  1. I liked the grey.
    I've never used catrice products so far, maybe I should try them.
    Miss Starshiny

    1. I like their product very much, the quality is very good and they are inexpensive!

  2. drage su mi sve boje osim ove najtaminije. njihove palete sjenila još nisama probala

    1. Ja uz ovu paleticu imam još jedno mono sjenilo i jako sam zadovoljna!


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