Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cosmic Radiance Britney Spears

Cosmic Radiance by Britney Spears is my first Britney Spears fragrance. I have never paid to much attention to them but when I got some samples few months ago I end up liking them. Next time when I was in a drugstore I check them out and I noticed that there is a great deal for Cosmic Radiance. It was on sale and I also got a free gift. I didn't want to miss that chance since I already liked the scent. I use this fragrance a lot and I'm already run of half the bottle. For me Cosmic Radiance is great day fragrance, you can use it at night time too but I prefer it during a day. The scent is fruity / floral / vanilla. Top notes are citrus, that is not something that is in my favorite but very soon middle floral notes take over. The base notes are vanilla and sandalwood. I love floral fragrances and I really enjoy smell of Cosmic Radiance. The fragrance last for few hours, I wish it was a little bit longer.

The bottle looks nice. I wish that the box looks little bit better because I really don't like the front side which is transparent.

Here is golden clutch I got as a gift:


  1. surprisingly enough there are some very interesting britney spears perfums...i m glad you found one you really liked!plus i like the clutch very much!


  2. Nice Blog :)
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    Greets, Laura.

  3. Wow I love the bottle design! Plus that gold clutch looks so elegant. I am following you now via GFC :) Let's be friends! Hope you follow me too :)

  4. No me cae muy bien esta mujer pero si la colonia huele bien, genial. No se puede negar que el bote es original.


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