Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to easily remove glitter from your nails

I adore glitter nail polishes, it always look pretty. The down side of it is when you try to remove it. I'm sure many of you know about this little trick but for those who doesn't I know you will find it very help full. 
All you need is nail polish remover, aluminium foil and cotton balls. First you need take cotton ball and add nail polish remover on it, press it on your nail and then cover it with aluminium foil. Keep it on your nail for 5-10 minutes and your done! 


  1. nisam znala ni ja do nedavno,ali ovo stavrno djeluje i ja sam super zadovoljna

  2. Ovo zbilja nisam znala! Izbjegavam glitter lakove baš zbog mukotrpnog skidanja. Mislim da im se sada mogu vratiti :)


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