Saturday, February 4, 2012

Swatch: Essence Crazy Good Times nail polishes

Yesterday I was lucky enough to come into a drugstore and find Essence Crazy Good Times Trend Edition. Snow is falling for two days and nights and it is really hard to drive at this weather so if you don't need to go anywhere stay home! But yesterday I had to go to take my medicines and drugstore was on my I couldn't just pass it I had to stop and see if there is maybe something new!  And there was!

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I was so happy when I saw this gorgeous collection, sometimes I'm surprised how nail polishes can make me happy! But what can I do when I LOVE every single color in this collection! Another surprising thing was the price, each nail polish was around 8 HRK ( that is little something above 1 Euro ) when usually price of Essence limited nail polishes is around 15 HRK. That is one great deal! I think all of us would agree that they should keep it that way! Each bottle contains 8 ml of product.

Paradelade is black nail polish with a lot of silver glitter inside. I love black nail polishes with glitter inside so this is something I really love . On the pictures glitter isn't very visible but in real life you can see it very well. It reminds me on Essence Gold Old Buffy, but this one has silver instead gold glitter. 2 coats are enough for full opacity.

Princessorize is gorgeous pink shade with pink and blue shimmer. All pink lovers will love this one, including me :) This will be gorgeous spring / summer shade! 2 coats are enough for full opacity!

Colourbration is green with yellow flakies. Green is not my color but I adore this nail polish. After I saw press photos I was looking forward to Colourbration the most, I don't know why but I really, really like this color. It just looks fantastic! I hope that I won't eventually change my opinion and that I'm going to wear it a lot, especially during spring and summer. Again the swatch is with 2 coats. 

Confetteria is blue nail polish with blue hex glitter and small lighter blue and orange/bronze glitter. First I wanted to skip this one because I don't wear alot blue on my nails but I couldn't resist. This one was little bit harder to apply but with 2 coats it looks great in the end!

Candycition is beautiful orange with orange flakies! Gorgeous color, I know I'm gonna wear this alot! Applying was easy, again I applied 2 coats!

Glitterastic is silver hex and small glitter beauty. I was surprised that only 2 coats were enough for full opacity, also it was very easy to apply it!

Overall this is great collection from Essence, I love all the nail polishes! Here is another picture when all of the colors are on the while.


  1. jedva čekam kad će doći do mene ;-D

  2. I really essence nail polishes! The orange one looks perfect!

  3. Like these a lot!


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