Thursday, February 2, 2012

Balea hair products

Few weeks ago I decided that it is time to try some Balea hair products. I have always looked at them but never tried anything out. Now after I tried few of Balea's hair products I think I'm not going to stop here because they are really good and definitely worth trying. For this products especially first three products from the picture above ( from left ) you have to keep in mind that my hair is very dry and maybe you won't have the same results. Everything depends on your hair type.

First product I want to tell you about is Balea Glanz Tonic. Balea Glanz Tonic is for normal hair and it is supposed to give you hair a glow when you spry it on. It works very well and after I spry my hair with this it looks much better. It has a nice glow but it doesn't look oily. Also, like all Balea products it smells really good. I usually use it when my hair is dry to fresh it up a little bit but you can also use it when your hair is wet, it will make brushing easier. The bottle contains 150 ml of products and it comes in acceptable price.( You will have to forgive me but I really can't remember exact price for any of these products, but they are like all Balea products cheaper than any other brand.)

Now my favorite: Balea hair milk or with full German name which goes like this: Balea Feuchtigkeits Haarmilch :) This one is for dry and damaged hair. All you have to do is after you wash your hair you need to apply this product into your wet hair. After that you can easily brush your hair and you don't need any other product for that. I can finally give my Gliss Hair Repair a break after years and years of using only that.  Balea hair milk makes my hair really soft and it looks much better too. If you have dry hair like me this is something you need to try, because this is amazing product. I have long, colored hair and after I wash it there is no way I can brush it without using some products to help with it. After using this few times I can proudly say that one time after using only shampoo and conditioner my hair was silky and soft and I just brushed it without any problem, without pain and without using any extra product. I honestly can't remember when was the last time something like this happened :) The bottle contains 200 ml.

Third product is Balea Colorglanz 2 minute kur. Another really good product. This is for colored hair, it works like any other hair kur. The results are pretty good. After using this my hair is softer and it looks better, it is not as good as Hair milk but it is not bad at all. Brushing my hair is easy most of the time but sometimes I need little help from other products because it isn't perfectly smooth. The tube contains 150 ml.

The last product is Balea Glatt + Glanz Spray. I have this one little bit longer, this is one of those products that I can't really remember why I bought it. The product is for flattening your hair + glow. First my hair is straight and I don't need anything to get it that way. Second, I can't tell how much glow it actually gives. First when I spry it it seams that something is happening, that my hair really has little bit of glow but the final result is this: my hair is stick together and dry. You should also supposed to spry it on your wet hair, brush it and then make your hair the way you want it. I say No!I tried to do that but my brush just got stack in my hair. Definitely this is not for me, but maybe if your hair is oily it will work on you. I honestly don't know. The bottle contains 150 ml.

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