Monday, January 21, 2013

Gossip Girl - the end


Well, this isn't exactly news since it has been awhile since I saw the last episode of the show but I was planning to make a post about it so here it is :) The reason why it took me so long for this post is because I was too busy at first and afterwords I just got lazy. However, Gossip Girl ended. Finally. I stopped being excited about this show a long time ago but surprisingly I was ( kind of ) excited about final season. Probably because I knew it is the last one and as soon as all the episodes go by sooner we are finish and we can just move on :D If you wonder why I watch something I don't really like, I don't have better explanation then defend myself with my disability to stop watch any TV show. 

With season six Gossip Girl came to an end. Final season, like pretty much everything after season 2 was more or less going in circles with the plot and characters. So many unnecessary couples, stories and schemes. Everyone dated everyone and when they lost inspiration characters just came back from the dead ( and end up dead again!! ). Final episode the whole show crazy and not really logical but you watch it anyway :D The best about series finale was in my opinion Blair's wedding dress, Kristen Bell's appearance and the way they relieved who is gossip girl ( only the way they relieved it not the fact who gossip girl is...but I will go back to that later ). 
Blair wedding dress was really beautiful and I was glad to see Chair finally together. Even though two of them were my favorite characters I did't liked their storyline this season because I honestly didn't understand why they are not together. I knew the reason why but it didn't make much sense, they just wanted to keep them apart so they could get back together in the final. 

Kristen Bell who narrated gossip girl the whole time made appearance in the final and I was very happy about that. Plus she was along side Rachel Bilson!! 

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Another thing that I loved in last episode was that characters who were once part of the show made a small appearance  in the scene when they relieve who is GG. Well done. 
The rest of the final was meh. One of the most important things of the final was that we will finally going to find out who is gossip girl. What a disappointment that was!! The fact that Dan is gossip girl is completely ridiculous because it just can't be and makes no sense. 

So, it is over and I believe that most of us don't have a problem moving on without it. The show was pretty good and entertaining first two seasons but after that everything went downhill. But what I always loved about Gossip Girl is the fashion, so let's finish this all this like that :)

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Now I'm probably going to start watching The Carrie Diaries...
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  1. Može se gledati samo zbog šarenila, odjeće, itd. Ali sve te "mudrosti" iz GG, mislim, zaista, nema komentara! :D

  2. Aaaaaaaaaa nisam još pogledala zadnju sezonu, ali ne smeta mi što sam saznala da je Dan GG. Makar, the f :/ Jep, gleda se zbog mode, dodataka i tu i tamo Čaka :D Ovaj gif s Blair i vrećicama je premoćan. Preporučujem seriju "Girls". Ja bih rekla da je to atipičan Sex i grad, također 4 cure ali sve 4 uvrnute totalno. Jedna se odlično oblači, znat ćeš koja :D

    1. Girls sam pogledala prvu epizodu, nekako mi je sve bilo previše sivo pa sam odustala :D Možda im dam drugu šansu :)

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