Sunday, January 6, 2013

Halfway to the end of season: Revenge, Once Upon A Time and Grey's anatomy

Winter break is slowly coming to and end!! I'm little bit late with my recaps this time but I didn't forget about can probably expect TV show spam in next few days :)


Revenge is one of my favorite TV shows. First season was amazing and in season 2 everything is still going great. At first I was little bit afraid that the story will get too complicated and that nobody will be able to figure out what is really happening. Fortunately everything is going great, the story is still very interesting and all the characters I really love are still awesome. Even the new characters fit in perfectly! I'm usually not leaning to new characters but Aiden is perfect to me and I have a real problem with couples in this show.

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For now I ship Emily and Aiden, while through whole first season I couldn't decide between Jack and Daniel :D

Once Upon A Time

Another show that I really love is Once Upon A Time. Season 2 is going great and if you still not watching it I don't know what are you waiting for. I really enjoy every single episode and this is definitely one of the best TV shows out there. It is amazing how they combine fairytales with real world and how they mixing and matching the stories and characters. Another thing that I love is the fact that the characters who were little bit boring in first season like Mary Margaret and David are amazing now as Snow and Prince...also newcomers Cora and Hook are amazing. Second part of season is starting tonight and I can't wait!

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy is on Season 9. Nine!!! Which is surprisingly great! After terrible final of season 8 and season 9 opening with so much death I thought that there is way that this this show could be any good any more but somehow they did it. This season beside our "old" cast who are now all grown up doctors they added interns and it is really fun to watch the show this way.So, once again I'm enjoying Grey's Anatomy but I hope that everything will stay positive. There was more then enough of death for our main characters, if someone from the cast wants to leave the show...fine, let them some normal way, move them in another city don't think about spectacular ways to kill them! Please!!

Do you watch any of these TV shows?


  1. Ja sam plakala kao kišna godina na zadnju epizodu Grey u 8. sezoni... jedva čekam novu epizodu nakon ove pauze.. :)

  2. I never saw Revenge, but is defo on my list to watch, Never saw Once Upon a Time but still I'm not interest, and Grey's Anatomy, uuffff I have sooo much to catch up with!


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