Monday, January 28, 2013

NYX Round Gloss Doll Pink and NYX Round Lipstick Paris

My first two NYX products are NYX Round Gloss  Doll Pink and NYX Lip Round Lipstick Paris. Only way I can get NYX products is by purchasing them online, I was looking them for a while but every time I would postpone my order. When I was in Germany I saw NYX display and that was a great opportunity to try something out. I got two lip products and I'm very happy with both of them. In the future I will definitely get some more NYX products because they seam to be great and the price is acceptable too. 

NYX Round Gloss Doll Pink is beautiful fuschia pink, it looks beautiful on the lips, it last for decent amount of time and it is a kind of color that is suitable for the night but also looks good during the daytime if you want to feature your lips. 

NYX Round Lipstick Paris is the color which I had on my wishlist for a while and since I got it it has been one of my favorite lipsticks. I love this color and I'm wearing it a lot. It is not too bright or too light ( or nude ), it is prefect for casual makeup looks. It stays on my lips for hours and the formula is great! It is creamy and moisturizing. I also love the silky "feeling". I have some other NYX colors on my wishlist and hopefully Paris will get some lipstick company :-)

Do you like NYX? Which product would you recommend for me?


  1. I love NYX and have both of the above. I think they're lovely bolder choices if you like pink and fuchsia lips. My favorite NYX round lipstick is Milan.

  2. Lipgloss color is amazing. :)

  3. Obje prekrasne roze boje, ali sjajilo mi je ljepše, moram priznati. Lijepo su ti ispali swatchevi :)

  4. napokon imas paris sa w liste,bas mi je drago :)

  5. Lipgloss looks so nice and you have pretty lips :3

  6. I have both products and are my favorites
    between fairies and your products Nyx you fell good for my
    I subscribe


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