Thursday, January 24, 2013

Escada Especially Delicate Notes

Escada Especially Delicate Notes was wonderful birthday gift few months ago and now is finally time for a review. My first touch with Escada Especially Delicate Notes was when I got a sample in my local drugstore. I loved it immediately, it is totally my kind of scent. My friends knew that and surprised me with it. 

Escada Especially Delicate Notes is new, delicate version of Escada Especially. Top notes are grapefruit, pear and Japanese rose, middle notes are rose, ambrette and Ylang - Ylang, while base notes are woodsy notes and musk. When I smell this perfume first picture that comes in my mind are flowers and that is probably the reason why I love it so much. I love floral, delicate and light scents and this is exactly that. It is interesting that Delicate Notes is based on the note of rose and even though you can definitely conclude  that this is floral scent it doesn't scream rose. All other notes are there too and together they make interesting and fresh scent. Escada Especially Delicate Notes is spring / summer scent and it is great for the day, but of course I gonna wear it or night! I love it so much! Another great thing worth mentioning is that it is long lasting. The bottle is simple and elegant, it is sealed with golden Escada logo.


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