Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pink and ivory polka dot

Today I will show you one of my old manicures, this one is in my blog folder since the summer. At first I didn't liked the photos and then I forgot about it. But I do like the design. It is very simple and quick and no matter how many times I do polka dot nail art I love it every single time :) To change it little bit I added little bit of glitter.
For base color I used Max Factor Whispering Ivory, for polka dots I used Catrice Sweets For My Sweets and glitter polish is Sinful Colors Pink Glitter.

Monday, January 28, 2013

NYX Round Gloss Doll Pink and NYX Round Lipstick Paris

My first two NYX products are NYX Round Gloss  Doll Pink and NYX Lip Round Lipstick Paris. Only way I can get NYX products is by purchasing them online, I was looking them for a while but every time I would postpone my order. When I was in Germany I saw NYX display and that was a great opportunity to try something out. I got two lip products and I'm very happy with both of them. In the future I will definitely get some more NYX products because they seam to be great and the price is acceptable too. 

NYX Round Gloss Doll Pink is beautiful fuschia pink, it looks beautiful on the lips, it last for decent amount of time and it is a kind of color that is suitable for the night but also looks good during the daytime if you want to feature your lips. 

NYX Round Lipstick Paris is the color which I had on my wishlist for a while and since I got it it has been one of my favorite lipsticks. I love this color and I'm wearing it a lot. It is not too bright or too light ( or nude ), it is prefect for casual makeup looks. It stays on my lips for hours and the formula is great! It is creamy and moisturizing. I also love the silky "feeling". I have some other NYX colors on my wishlist and hopefully Paris will get some lipstick company :-)

Do you like NYX? Which product would you recommend for me?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Essence Bloom-A-Loom and Crazy In Love (Hugs And Kisses TE)

On my nails today is Essence Crazy In Love, second nail polish from Hugs And Kisses TE that I own. I loved Sunshine And Red Roses so much and I didn't want to wait to try Crazy In Love. As a base color I applied Essence Bloom-A-Loom from Blossom Etc. TE, the color is beautiful pastel purple which is little bit lighter then With X's And O's from Hugs And Kisses collection. I love the combination, it looks really cute. 
Crazy In Love is purple glitter with silver hearts in clear base. Beautiful nail polish, it will be fun to combine it with different nail polishes. Application was easy, there is loads of glitter and hearts are not heard to catch and apply :)

Essence Bloom-A-Loom and Crazy In Love

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Escada Especially Delicate Notes

Escada Especially Delicate Notes was wonderful birthday gift few months ago and now is finally time for a review. My first touch with Escada Especially Delicate Notes was when I got a sample in my local drugstore. I loved it immediately, it is totally my kind of scent. My friends knew that and surprised me with it. 

Escada Especially Delicate Notes is new, delicate version of Escada Especially. Top notes are grapefruit, pear and Japanese rose, middle notes are rose, ambrette and Ylang - Ylang, while base notes are woodsy notes and musk. When I smell this perfume first picture that comes in my mind are flowers and that is probably the reason why I love it so much. I love floral, delicate and light scents and this is exactly that. It is interesting that Delicate Notes is based on the note of rose and even though you can definitely conclude  that this is floral scent it doesn't scream rose. All other notes are there too and together they make interesting and fresh scent. Escada Especially Delicate Notes is spring / summer scent and it is great for the day, but of course I gonna wear it or night! I love it so much! Another great thing worth mentioning is that it is long lasting. The bottle is simple and elegant, it is sealed with golden Escada logo.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Swatch: Essence Hugs & Kisses

I found Essence TE Hugs & Kisses few days ago and here are my picks from the collection. I bought Sugar Baby Love lip tint and two nail polishes Crazy In Love and Sunshine And Red Roses. When I saw press photos of Hugs & Kisses trend edition I knew that I will try to catch glitter toppers but in the end I got only purple and red because I didn't really liked other two. Instead of nail polishes this bright pink lip tint got my attention.

In person Sugar Baby Love lip tint is bright barbie pink and I had to have it. It is a different story when you apply it on your lips. Even thought it looks really bright on my swatch bellow in reality it is darker, it is still something everyone will notice and the color is pretty strong but it isn't what I expected. So, at first I was a bit disappointed but very quickly I began to like the color. In the end I think this will be something I will love to use, especially because it lasts on my lips for a very long time. This actually reminds me on lip stains a lot, the difference is the packing and application. Application was little but hard and you have to be very careful, the best way probably is to apply one coat and wait few seconds for it to dry and then apply another coat. Once it is dry Sugar Baby Love will stay on your lips for hours. The finish is matte and I believe that each time I have this on my lips I will add tiny bit of something glossy on top because It looks much better that way.

Crazy In Love and Sunshine And Red Roses

Like I already mentioned I have two toppers. Purple one called Crazy In Love and my favorite Sunshine And Red Roses ( I've heard that SARR won't be available everywhere which is a shame because it is the prettiest polish in the collection, I really don't understand the reason why ). Both toppers have harts with different glitter. Sunshine And Red Roses has red hearts and red, blue and green micro glitter, while Crazy In Love has silver hearts and different size purple glitter. Good thing about both toppers is that there is enough hearts and is not a problem to apply them. For swatch bellow all the hearts were on the brush immediately which is great because most of the time that is not the case with polishes like these. The bottles are small, only 5 ml.

I loved how Sunshine And Red Roses looks over black and I decided to do exact same thing on my nails today. 

Is there something you like from Essence Hugs & Kisses?

Gossip Girl - the end


Well, this isn't exactly news since it has been awhile since I saw the last episode of the show but I was planning to make a post about it so here it is :) The reason why it took me so long for this post is because I was too busy at first and afterwords I just got lazy. However, Gossip Girl ended. Finally. I stopped being excited about this show a long time ago but surprisingly I was ( kind of ) excited about final season. Probably because I knew it is the last one and as soon as all the episodes go by sooner we are finish and we can just move on :D If you wonder why I watch something I don't really like, I don't have better explanation then defend myself with my disability to stop watch any TV show. 

With season six Gossip Girl came to an end. Final season, like pretty much everything after season 2 was more or less going in circles with the plot and characters. So many unnecessary couples, stories and schemes. Everyone dated everyone and when they lost inspiration characters just came back from the dead ( and end up dead again!! ). Final episode the whole show crazy and not really logical but you watch it anyway :D The best about series finale was in my opinion Blair's wedding dress, Kristen Bell's appearance and the way they relieved who is gossip girl ( only the way they relieved it not the fact who gossip girl is...but I will go back to that later ). 
Blair wedding dress was really beautiful and I was glad to see Chair finally together. Even though two of them were my favorite characters I did't liked their storyline this season because I honestly didn't understand why they are not together. I knew the reason why but it didn't make much sense, they just wanted to keep them apart so they could get back together in the final. 

Kristen Bell who narrated gossip girl the whole time made appearance in the final and I was very happy about that. Plus she was along side Rachel Bilson!! 

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Another thing that I loved in last episode was that characters who were once part of the show made a small appearance  in the scene when they relieve who is GG. Well done. 
The rest of the final was meh. One of the most important things of the final was that we will finally going to find out who is gossip girl. What a disappointment that was!! The fact that Dan is gossip girl is completely ridiculous because it just can't be and makes no sense. 

So, it is over and I believe that most of us don't have a problem moving on without it. The show was pretty good and entertaining first two seasons but after that everything went downhill. But what I always loved about Gossip Girl is the fashion, so let's finish this all this like that :)

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Now I'm probably going to start watching The Carrie Diaries...
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Friday, January 18, 2013

Essence New products ( February 2013 )

This Spring there will be many new products from Essence, there will be their standard range exchange and new product should arrive from February 2013. I believe that here in Croatia we won't see anything until April but never mind, we are used to that :) Now about the new range! There are so many new products, some of them are old products in new package but there is a lot new staff! I know that I will check out the eyeshadows because I see so many colors that I like, also nail polishes...So many pretty colors and effects, and what I love the most is that Twins are back!!! I'm glad that I see make-up sponge and matte lip gloss. I'm definitely looking forward to these products and I can wait for them to arrive.
Do you have favorites? 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Essence discontinued products (February 2013)

There are a lot  news from Essence. Before I post all the new products ( which will be up as soon as I finish editing ) let's look at the products which are discontinued. There will be few products I will try to catch while they are still here, but I'm not upset about products that are least for now :D All the products will be available until February 2013, after that it is time for new Spring range.
What about you?

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