Sunday, May 19, 2013

The end of season: Grey's anatomy, Hart of Dixie, Revenge and Glee ( spoiler alert )

TV show season is ending soon, most of my shows ended and it is time for this seasons quick recap :)

Grey's anatomy

For years Grey's Anatomy was one of my favorite TV shows and I'm so glad that after 9 seasons they are  amazing. They had ups and downs but still remain on the high level. Season 9 was very, very good and I really enjoyed it, Grey's Anatomy was one of my favorite shows to watch this TV season. After last year's finale I thought that there is no way for it to be great again, not after so much death and depression but I was so wrong. This season we had new interns that fit the story perfectly and we have our good old characters, it was great to watch how they developed as doctors and characters. Season finale was dramatic. I was hoping for something more quiet but of course it was drama, drama, drama in good, old Grey's Anatomy style. I was on the edge all the time and I was expecting something bad to happen. It was very sad in the end but I was also very happy about McFamily and their McBaby. Meredith and Derek are one of my favorite couples and I accept only happy life for them :) Next season is season 10 which is great accomplishment. I can't wait for new episodes and with great season 9 I have high expectations about S9 but I honestly believe that Grey's Anatomy stay on the same level.

Hart Of Dixie

Hart Of Dixie is one of the sweetest shows ever. Light and happy, it can really put me in a good mood. Season 2 was really good. I love all the characters, even the ones that annoyed me before. Everyone is fun and likable right now and I hope they continue this way. I'm big fan of Zade and you can guess that I'm happy about season finale and how things between them worked out though the season and in the end.


Revenge had an amazing season 1 and I was little bit worried about season 2. It started great, they just continued where they left off and they kept everything interesting. They had some new characters, some new back stories but it was going well. Then suddenly they got lost. Back stories became main focus and main story became back story. With each episode things got worst until season finale where everything was great again. If they did that 10 episodes ago it would be amazing. However it is what it is and I'm not sure how S3 look like but I have to admit that I can't wait to see what happens.


To tell you the truth I was sure that Glee is going to be a big mess this season. Just look at the picture and see how much characters they have. The start of the season was good, much better then expected but as the season was going on it went down hill. There was part in the school with old and bunch of new characters and part in New York with few old characters. At times the plot was interesting but most times everything was already seen and going in circles. I'm not sure what will they do next season but I'm not very optimistic. Season 1 was brilliant but everything after that was washed out. I will probably watch next season only because I'm used to...

Do you watch any of these TV shows? What is your favorite TV show?


  1. Grey's anatomy ROCKS!!! :) Also can wait for the 10th season. I also had the same perception about Revenge, I am afraid that 3rd season will be as the middle of 2nd.

    Have you seen Rookie Blue series? Try to surf it on IMDB, first season was quite good.

    1. I haven't seen Rookie Blue but I will check it out!


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