Friday, May 24, 2013

My nail polish stash: orange

Essence You're My Dragonfly, Sugar - from Natventurista TE. Nice color but very sheer, I need at least 3 coats to get the opacity.

Essence Andy, You're A Star - from Whoom! Boooom!!! TE. This is bright medium orange, I was very excited about it when I bought it but actually I was never into this color.

Bourjois Coral Magique - One of my favorites. Beautiful medium coral with loads of golden shimmer / falkies. Perfect for spring / summer!

p2 Flirt Alert - Beautiful cream color but when I bought it I realized that I have few colors that are very close to this one. So, this is the last orange that I picked up because I realized that I have enough of them and that I always reach for the same colors. 

Essence Queen Of My Cloud Castle - from Fantasia TE. This color is very pretty but almost the same as previous one. The difference is gorgeous micro multi colored shimmer in this one.

China Glaze Flirty Tankini - Another beauty but also another nail polish that is so close to something else in my stash. I even made a post dedicated to China Glaze Flirty Tankini and Essence Queen Of My Cloud Castle because they are so close. They are not 100% dupes but they are not very different. Between the two I prefer Flirty Tankini.

Rimmel Instyle Coral - This group of polishes is... let's say a dupe group. For a while I was reaching for corals and now I have few dupes. Instyle Coral is just a tiny bit lighter then Essence Off To Miami! and Sinful Colors Boogie Nights.

Essence Off To Miami! - Cream coral 

Sinful Colors Boogie Nights - Cream coral, click here to see closer comparison to Rimmel Instyle Coral and Essence Boogie Nights

Catrice I Scream Peach - Very nice spring / summer color. One of my first Catrice nail polishes. It might look like Sinful Colors Hazard on the pictures but they are not the same, close but this one is brighter.

Sinful Colors Hazard - I got this one in a swap and I was very happy with my choice when I got it. I love Hazard because it is a bright color but it kinda looks like a pastel. Weird, I know but beautiful.

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy - One of most popular China Glaze polishes. The color is awesome, so bright and perfect for summer...but the formula is just bad. No matter how many layers I have it is always unevem. I still use it a lot because I adore the color.

p2 Electric - Now here is another dupe group. In my defense I have to say that I bought only one by myself from three dupe nail polishes I have here. p2 Electric is a classic orange picked up by my boyfriend.

MUA I Want You - I got this one as a gift with my MUA order, another classic orange. Cream finish, 2 coats are enough for full opacity.

Essence Orange Sunset - from Bondi Beach TE. Now this one I picked up by myself, at the time it was unique in my collection. Just like previous two it is a cream orange. This color is great for summer but I like to wear colors like this any time of year.

Essence Why Not? - This is one of few Essence Multi Dimension that I still have. It was one of my favorites when I bought it but I haven't used it for a long time, I think it would take a hundred years for it to dry. Anyway, it is a very nice shimmery orange!

Essence You're The One - This one is the darkest one from all polishes I have here today. I like to wear it time to time but I remember when I bought it, it was on my nails all the time!

Maybelline Peach Cocktail -  One of the prettiest summer nail polishes. I usually wear it on my toes. The color is really beautiful, bright and very shimmery!

Nivea Cherry Glace - Beautiful coral which I haven't used for a very long time, it is a lot like Avon Coral Reef that I used up, so now I will probably reach for this one more often. 

S-he number 208 - Another beauty, orange with loads of silver shimmer and orange flakies. What I love about this one and other S-he nail polishes is that they dry so fast. I usually use it when I'm in a hurry. 

Essence Candycotion - from Crazy Good Times TE - Very close to S-he 208 but this one is even more beautiful. Jelly formula with loads of orange flakies.

Bourjois number 11 - This is a red orange, in the bottle it is more orange but on the nails looks more red. very nice color.

Sinful Colors Timbleberry - My favorite from today! This is one of those prefect summer colors that is so beautiful that you wear it all year long. The color is very interesting. It is a coral but it has a pink and sometime redish tone in it, it just depends on the light. Perfection!

Golden Rose number 322 - This one is very close to Sinful Colors Timbleberry, this is a redish coral. Very beautiful and eye catching color.

I'm finally done with orange, honestly I was little bit afraid of it because I knew that I fave few dupe colors. For that reason I decided to stay away from them for a while because I obviously like the same colors. Now when I see a nice orange / peach / coral in drugstores I just keep going! I hope that next week I will show you my pink nail polishes and I have to say  I'm terrified of that because I'm a pink girl and I really hope that it is not too crazy!

What is your favorite orange nail polish?


  1. Pa ima jedno 7-8 koje bih ti rado ukrala :))

  2. Great collection. I love orange polishes. I have quite of them myself too. :)

  3. Super su, imamo neke iste, a neke bih voljela imati.Meni je taj spektar boja, najljepsi za ljeto.

  4. Gorgeous collection, I think my favourite is Essence - off to miami!


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