Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Red carpet: 2013 Met Gala

I'm always looking forward to Met Gala because with big event like that I'm hoping to see some beautiful gowns and gorgeous looking ladies. This year was little bit disappointing, there are few looks I really liked but if I had to choose one worse dressed it would be too hard. This year's theme was PUNK. So there was a lot of black, studs, messy hair and heavy makeup. Some celebrities ignored the theme but  looked stunning and some were right on the theme and pulled it off. Most of them tried hard but didn't get the best result, I featured some pictures here but there is so much more.

First part is  .I like some of it more then the rest but all in all, not bad!

Blake Lively in Gucci Premiere ( I love this look, Blake looks gorgeous and the gown is beautiful! )

Cara Delevingne in Burberry ( Love!! )

Taylor Swift

Jennifer Lawrence in Dior

Jessica Alba

Nina Dobrev in Monique Lhuilier ( This isn't something I usually like, I'm not a fan of pants - dress/skirt combo but with the theme and all I think she pulled it off. )

Emma Watson

Now the ones that I didn't like....

Beyonce ( I really love Beyonce, but this is so bad. I think the boots with the dress are my biggest problem. )

 Anne Hathaway in Valentino

Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors ( I'm not into this dress but I love her hair! )

January Jones ( This dress is not bad at all but the makeup is, still she wasn't the worst )

SJP in Giles ( In this case I don't have problem with the dress, it is that thing on her had...)

Rosie Huntington - Whitely

Kim Kardashian ( Probably the worst dressed, so so bad!! )

What do you think?


  1. Actually I loved SJP because she took the PUNK theme to the couture level. And doing that she perfectly nailed the point of this years MET GALA. Jennifer Lawrence had the perfect accessorize that lace over her face.

    Beyonce was aweful, especially the boots. And Kim Kardashian looked like a sofa cover. :)

    1. SJP was one of those you gonna love or hate. I agrre about Beyonce and Kim!

  2. Meni se tu nekako najvise svidjela Jennifer Lawrence, ona je meni uvijek nekako slatka i fino obucena.
    Beyonce mi nikad nije nekako po volji, mislim da se ona jednostavno ne zna obuci, cini mi se da zamisli nesto pretenciozno sto na kraju ispadne bezveze i cesto cak i vulgarno s obzirom na gradju. January Jones je meni prelijepa, sta joj bi sa tom sminkom, vise mi lici na Rooney Maru, nego na sebe. kim K.-Robin Williams je sve rekao :-)


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