Friday, November 26, 2010

Transformation of Taylor Momsen

Born in 1993. seventeen-year-old actress and singer. Taylor is best know as Jenny in Gossip girl, but I remamber her as a cute litlle girl from movie "How the Grinch stole Christmas".
Few years later she got the role of Litlle J in Gossip girl, at first she played cute girl who wants to be rich and popular. She was wearing headbands, bows, cute dresses...As time was going by Jenny and Taylor herself started to change litlle by litlle. First sweet pastel colors were gone and her style became edgy and more grown up.

 I loved the way Taylor style has gone from sweet litlle girl to edgy teen. Sometimes she gone litlle to short or too dark but in general her style was good. But then suddenly things changed. She is 17 now and looks 30 ( or trying to) Aroud her eyes is always black, and colors that she is wearing are black or nude (don't remamber any other lately). She is a great actress and very good singer but I have a feeling she is trying too hard and I don't like this Taylor at all...she always looks so, halters...make up....everything.

Catrice nail polishes

I have finally got some new nail polishes. This is first time that I tried polishes from Catrice and I like them very much. I like that they have so many colors so these two are not the last that I am going to have from Catrice. I got green one : Sold Out For Ever; and grey one : London's Weather Forecast. I think they are percect for november cold days.

When I tried the grey one I decided to add some rain stones. It is so easy to make and it looks very cute.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Premiere of Harry Potter and deathly hollows

Last night in London was premiere of Harry Potter and deathly hollows part 1. The day has finally come, haha...but we will have to wait another week to see the movie because it arrives in theaters around the world at November 19 (even tough I have tickets for Nov 18) The good thing is that we already have a chence to see premiere pictures!

Emma Watson wore Rafael Lopez litlle black dress! I LOVE IT!! She looks so beautiful, I like everything about this look! The lace and featherd dress is amazing, looks so young, modern, feminine...Emma's hair looks beautiful too, at first I didn't liked her new haircut but I have to admit that it is really stunning. Her short hair is refreshing among all the hair extensions we are watching all the time.

Bonnie Wright


Lady Gaga in Zagreb (part two)

It has been a week since the concert and and still I am thinking about it all the time :) I've been waching my favorite performances on youtube and I want you to see them too :D

Opening + Dance in the dark


Twister + So happy I could die
Beautiful performance, I never tought I will see a fairy but I did :)

Bad romance

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lady Gaga in Zagreb!!

Last night I was at Lady Gaga concert in Zagreb!! It was amazing!! I expected that I will have a great time, but this was beyond anything I could imagined! It wasn't just a concert it was a fantastic show, I really enjoyed! I was with my friend, we were driving for more then two hours to get to Zagreb and the same when we were going home but that didn't matter because it was worth it! Gaga is such an amazing proformer, she is great singer and dancer and also inspireing speaker!!! The atsomfere during the show was fantastic!!! I want to go again right now :) Stage and her costumes were awesome! In every song there was something different in the stage or she was wearing different costume. As you can see at the picture above there was fire on her piano and she was also playin the piano with her heels :) that was sooo cool!! She was danceing, singing, playing instruments, jumping...and when she was talking she seemed so nice and you can really tell that she loves and enjoys what she is doing!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

October trends

With another month behind us let's look at the trends that were all over fashion editorials! Something I saw in almost every editorial was nude color and if it wasn't nude it was black. There was litlle bit of stripes and polka dot but mostly items were very simple and elegant.

My nails: diagonal french

Few days ago I decided to make some interesting but simple nail design! It couldn't be easier then digonal french. I just choose two different nail polishes and one with thin brush:

 When I finished this design I was very happy with the way it turn out and the best thing was that so many people ask me about it, so I decidet to repeat it only with other colors as you can see in first picture. Here are pics with nail polishes that I used!

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