Friday, November 12, 2010

Premiere of Harry Potter and deathly hollows

Last night in London was premiere of Harry Potter and deathly hollows part 1. The day has finally come, haha...but we will have to wait another week to see the movie because it arrives in theaters around the world at November 19 (even tough I have tickets for Nov 18) The good thing is that we already have a chence to see premiere pictures!

Emma Watson wore Rafael Lopez litlle black dress! I LOVE IT!! She looks so beautiful, I like everything about this look! The lace and featherd dress is amazing, looks so young, modern, feminine...Emma's hair looks beautiful too, at first I didn't liked her new haircut but I have to admit that it is really stunning. Her short hair is refreshing among all the hair extensions we are watching all the time.

Bonnie Wright


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