Saturday, November 6, 2010

Lady Gaga in Zagreb!!

Last night I was at Lady Gaga concert in Zagreb!! It was amazing!! I expected that I will have a great time, but this was beyond anything I could imagined! It wasn't just a concert it was a fantastic show, I really enjoyed! I was with my friend, we were driving for more then two hours to get to Zagreb and the same when we were going home but that didn't matter because it was worth it! Gaga is such an amazing proformer, she is great singer and dancer and also inspireing speaker!!! The atsomfere during the show was fantastic!!! I want to go again right now :) Stage and her costumes were awesome! In every song there was something different in the stage or she was wearing different costume. As you can see at the picture above there was fire on her piano and she was also playin the piano with her heels :) that was sooo cool!! She was danceing, singing, playing instruments, jumping...and when she was talking she seemed so nice and you can really tell that she loves and enjoys what she is doing!!

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