Saturday, January 31, 2015

New in - January 2015

It is last day of January and perfect time to look at this month's new in. I will start with Lush. I had my eye on their Christmas products and I waited their sale. On the pic above you can see all the products me and my cousin ordered. I ordered: Snow Fairy and So White shower gels, Gold Fun, Yog Nog and Reindeer Rock soaps ( click here ). She ordered: Snow Fairy shower gel, Snow Fairy Sparkle massage bar and Little Snow Fairy gift set ( it contains mini Snow Fairy gel and Pink Fun ). As you can see Snow Fairy was on fire :D

Some Catrice products will be discontinued and Photo Finish liquid foundation is one of them, I picked up mine on sale. I also picked up Essence Rose In Wonderland ( click here ).

Of course I have Balea products but I have to say that lately I've been good girl and I bought only two products: shower gel and liquid soap.

I was good when it comes to Balea but I got carried away when it comes to brushes. I got 20 of them :D I bought them on ebay and you can expect a post dedicated to them :)

In the end I have gift that I got from my Snow Fairy cousin, it is Figs & Rouge lip butter. No scent and no color but feels great on the lips and it is very moisturizing. After only one application my dry lips are nice and soft. Great product! This lip butter really makes me wonder about their other products!

Did you tried any of these products?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Nail spam #3

After I done the 31DNAC it is time for another nail spam. This one isn't big but it contains some manis that are in my folder for a while so I think it is time for you see them :) This time no nail art!

Essence BBC Orange Sunset and Essence Glitter On Me

Essence Hey Mister Sandman

OPI The Impossible

Essence Meet Me Now!

Golden Rose number 322

Catrice Doris' Darling

H&M nail polish set, there are four nail polishes. White is the one I was using the most but there are three more gorgeous glitter top coats!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Project 365 vol 2: Week 19, 20 and 21

Day 126:Red and brown

Day 127: My new brushes!

Day 128: Opening Lush box :)

Day 129: Lush goodies!

Day 130: Walk in the park.

Day 131: Orange!

Day 132: Nothing like chocolate cake...

Day 133: My ebay buy!

Day 134: Drinking cafe and painting my nails!

Day 135: One of my many photos taken in the car.

Day 136: Beautiful view and beautiful photo!

Day 137: Puzzles and Minnie

Day 138: Korzo

Day 138: Monster's claws :)

Day 139: Reach it!!!!!

Day 140: MUR I Heart Chocolatte

Day 141: Hanging out...

Day 142: Apples.

Day 143: NOTD Hey Mr. Sandman

Day 144: Glass.

Day 145: Wide eyes and big hearts.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lush soaps: Yog Nog & Reindeer Rock

When I first saw Lush Christmas range I made the wishlist in my mind. For a while I was stalking their website and decided which products I will purchase on sale. It is a shame that they don't really do sale but at least we can enjoy Christmas products at 50% off. Among other things I ordered two soaps Yog Nog and Raindeer Rock. You will see the rest of my goodies soon :)
First hand and body soap I'm gonna talk about is Yog Nog. On the pic above you can see how pretty it looks. When I look at it it reminds me on butter, it has beautiful shade of yellow and it looks more like body butter then a soap. On the top I got half of Christmas tree and my favorite feature is cocoa powder. It looks good enough to eat...and it smells so good. To me it smells like Christmas. It is easy to use, it melts exactly the way I want it. It is not too slippery and it doesn't give "dry out" feeling after I use it. I actually skip the body lotion when I use You Nog because I want to enjoy the smell :)

Now let's look at Reindeer Rock hand and body soap.

This one also looks really cute, I love silver reindeers on the top but favorite thing about this soap is the smell. This smells exactly like Comforter bubble bar which I adore! I can't tell you how many times I smelled it. The smell alone makes me loveee this product even though is not as nourishing to my skin as Yog Nog. It is still pretty good and most important it doesn't dry out my skin. 

Another great thing about these soaps is that they can last for a while, even if you use them every single day they can last longer then shower gel. That is nice to know because I always enjoy using Lush products and it always feels like a little treat. 

Do you treat yourself with Lush? 

Monday, January 19, 2015

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Re-create your favorite challenge

Finally! Last manicure of my 31 Day Nail Art Challenge! It took me so long to complete this challenge but finally here we are. My first manicure was published in May but you can believe me when I say that I was busy because I had a baby in meantime :)

Last challenge was to recreate my favorite challenge so far. I had few favorites but in the end I decided to recreate my tribal manicure. I love how different colors changed this mani so much and I like both combinations.

I used: Essence Hey Mister Sandman, Essence Rose In Wonderland and Golden Rose 106

I'm glad I did this challenge. I knew it will took me a lot of time and it really did but I'm happy I completed it. I always enjoy nail art challenge but now I will take a break and hopefully find some new interesting challenge soon and do some nail art all over again!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Essence Rose In Wonderland

I have lost the track of Essence and Catrice limited editions lately but whenever I'm in a drugstore I look at the display to see if there is something new. Few days ago I saw Essence Hidden Stories and I decided to pick up Rose In Wonderland. Very light pink with silver glitter. There is label The Iced on the coverlid and it actually is the best description of the look you get on your nails. Pink base is matte but with the glitter you get interesting, nice looking finish. I will mostly use this nail polish for nail art, it can be perfect base color but if you like light, nude polishes this is something for you.

The bottle contains 10 ml of product. Rose In Wonderland applies easily and it dries very quickly so I will keep it around if I need quick manicure. With two coats you get the full opacity.

Did you tried anything from Essence Hidden Stories?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Beauty tricks with baby powder

There are a lot of baby products that adults like to use. Creams, oils, shampoos and the one that got a lot of my attention lately - baby powder. It smells nice, it comes in large size ( usually 100 g of product ) and it is affordable. Many people don't know in how many ways it can be used. Beside being baby product it can also be beauty product and it can be handy around the house.

Set your makeup with baby powder.
This is something I tried and it works great. For a while I used it instead of translucent powder and it worked perfectly. Just apply small amount on your brush and apply to your face. You can also use an empty pot and pore baby powder into it to make things easier. 

Replace your dry shampoo
If you have a bad hair day and your hair is greasly, baby powder can be your quick solution. You can use it instead of dry shampoo, apply a small amount with powder brush, blend it and you are good to go.

Out of deodorant? Use baby powder
Baby powder will absorb the moist and it also smells nice.

Ease waxing pain or use it after shave
Baby powder will ease waxing pain, apply baby powder before waxing and it is good to use it as after shave as well. It will calm your sensitive skin a little bit.

Pump your eyelashes
Use your old mascara wand or cotton swab to apply baby powder on your lashes. First apply one coat of mascara, then apply baby powder and few coats of mascara.

Avoid dark eyeshadow fallouts
Apply it under your eyes before applying dark eyeshadow on your lids. When your makeup is done make sure to blend out all the baby powder.

There are also many random ways to use it. To untangle your necklaces, freshen up your shoes or your old books, also you can absorb grease on stains on your clothes. Baby powder is definitely a product that can be useful and it is good to have it around. 

Did you used baby powder like this? Do you have tricks with baby powder to share?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

31 Day Nail Art Challenge: Inspired by a tutorial

The challenge is almost done :) Before that here is my Inspired by tutorial manicure. I didn't exactly watched any video or photo tutorial on this one but I did googled some photos to get inspired. This is mine winter sweater manicure. I hope you can see that and I hope you like it :))
One more nail art to go :)

I used: p2 Heavenly Bride and China Glaze Snow
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