Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Catrice PLUMdogMillionaire

PLUMdogMillionaire is my first Catrice Crushed Crystals nail polish. I've been aiming them for a while but always end up passing them by. In the end I decided that I need this one in my collection. As always I applied two coats but to tell you the truth another coat wouldn't hurt. Opacity is good but it looks little bit uneven. It is not too bad but it is there. It applies easily but I had to be careful with application to get it nice and even with two cots. 
The name says everything about the color and as you can see on pic bellow there is multicolored glitter in it as well. What I love about this nail polish and what could make me reach for it again is that it drys really quickly.

Did you tried PLUMdog Millionaire or any other Catrice Crushed Crystals nail polish?


  1. Oooh, I haven't seen this beauty in the stores! It's purple and textured, I need it!

  2. Sviđa mi se kako izgleda, ja imam rozi CC i još uvijek ga nisan probala :D


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