Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lace lover

When we talk about materials, lace is one of my favorite. It is a classic choice but in the same time it can be diverse depending on a color or styling. Lace is one of ancient crafts and it is part of many different clothing items as well as interior design. Only a small lace detail can change on outfit or make a random object look special. It is interesting that when I think of lace words sexy or romantic come to my mind. That is how easy lace can transform. 
Lace is openwork fabric, a pattern with open holes. They are made by hand or by machine. Originally it was made of linen or silk but today they are often made by cotton threads. Lace first came along in Europe in 15th and early 16th century when there was rapid development. First it was part of religious rituals of Catholic Church and then it spread to fashion and home decor. In 19th century it came to North America. At first lace was handmade but with industrial revolution and increase of demand machine lace was developed. 

Today lace is present everywhere. Past few years it was in style and since I'm huge lace lover I still like to have lace items in my closet. What I like about it is that it can make any outfit look elegant. I would say that in fashion black is most popular but there are other colors like pastels that can make a statement item. If I could have few lace dresses in pastel colors I wouldn't mind at all.

When it comes to weddings lace is inevitable. It is both romantic and elegant so it is no wonder that so many brides choose Lace wedding dresses ( to see more dresses like the one above check out DresseStylist ). When it comes to lace and weddings we can join fashion and decor because nothing looks more romantic that lace details. On candles, on a bouquet, on a tables, on a cake...

When we are talking about decor I think about vintage, rustic and once again romantic decor. It can be something most of us saw at grandmother's house with some lace tablecloth and curtains or with some lace detail throw pillows I would love to have in my home. Nowadays we can make it modern with right choice of colors and some lace wallpaper.

What do you think about lace? Do you like posts like this one?

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