Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dress to impress

Lately you could read a lot about weddings and wedding dresses on my blog. But what about dressing appropriate for other important events in girls life. They are different depending in which part of the world you are living and most important to me they are all behind me haha. Events like prom or Confirmation where we can look girly and that require preparation for most girls are something that we long for when we are little. After years go by just give me something I can wear again and that looks good on me. Simple as that. But at young age when we look at our mothers, older sisters and cousins dressing up and wearing high heels it is something we can't wait to do ourselves. Now at age 27 when Confirmation and prom are years behind me I remember exactly what I wore, where I bought everything, which shoes I had and how my hair looked like...So no matter what you think about it later it is important to enjoy the moment.

I already mentioned Confirmation and prom, they are two things that most girls in Croatia dress up if they attend those events. Beside the wedding we don't have a chance to do it more than that, even prom isn't something everyone is doing. You decide if that is good or bad :) Before we look what events are to find around the world let's talk about Confirmation and prom first. The reason is obvious, I can speak from experience . At my Confirmation I was 14 and I had cream pants suit with black blouse. I remember how much I loved it, it wasn't one of those serious business suits, it was modern and youthful at the time. At least that is how I felt back then, who knows how would I feel about it now. Most important thing is that it was nice looking and appropriate to my age and event. Nowadays girls at Confirmation in Croatia are few years older and they usually wear dresses, which I love.
At prom I had pink A line dress, one of those Barbie dresses that were very trendy when I was 18. I can't describe how much I loved that dress, it was perfect for teenager and I really enjoyed it. Did I mentioned it was pink?? In the rest of the world prom dresses are the same thing with some exceptions, they variate from cute mini / cocktail dresses to gowns.

Now let's look at other events for girls to dress up in other parts of the world. I have to admit that it was interesting to research because I didn't know for all those events.
In Latin America there is Quinceanera, in North America there is Sweet Sixteen and in Philippines there is Debut, they are coming-of-age events one celebrating 15th birthday and other 16th and 18th birthday. Girls dress similar for these events, some of them choose semi formal outfit but mostly they are very extravagant wearing ball gowns. Check out SweetQuinceaneraDress and if you want to see more 15 quinceanera dresses. There is also Cotillion ball and Debutante ball, which is something we could see in movies and TV shows ( remember Gossip Girl? ) where dress code is also formal and you can see girls wearing ball gowns. Last event that I will mention is Bat Mitzvah which is chance for girls to wear cute mini dresses, something like Confirmation.

In the end we have few different events in different parts of the world but dress code is pretty similar and it is something that most girls enjoy. 

What do you think about it? Did you attend any of these event? What were you wearing?

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