Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lush soaps: Yog Nog & Reindeer Rock

When I first saw Lush Christmas range I made the wishlist in my mind. For a while I was stalking their website and decided which products I will purchase on sale. It is a shame that they don't really do sale but at least we can enjoy Christmas products at 50% off. Among other things I ordered two soaps Yog Nog and Raindeer Rock. You will see the rest of my goodies soon :)
First hand and body soap I'm gonna talk about is Yog Nog. On the pic above you can see how pretty it looks. When I look at it it reminds me on butter, it has beautiful shade of yellow and it looks more like body butter then a soap. On the top I got half of Christmas tree and my favorite feature is cocoa powder. It looks good enough to eat...and it smells so good. To me it smells like Christmas. It is easy to use, it melts exactly the way I want it. It is not too slippery and it doesn't give "dry out" feeling after I use it. I actually skip the body lotion when I use You Nog because I want to enjoy the smell :)

Now let's look at Reindeer Rock hand and body soap.

This one also looks really cute, I love silver reindeers on the top but favorite thing about this soap is the smell. This smells exactly like Comforter bubble bar which I adore! I can't tell you how many times I smelled it. The smell alone makes me loveee this product even though is not as nourishing to my skin as Yog Nog. It is still pretty good and most important it doesn't dry out my skin. 

Another great thing about these soaps is that they can last for a while, even if you use them every single day they can last longer then shower gel. That is nice to know because I always enjoy using Lush products and it always feels like a little treat. 

Do you treat yourself with Lush? 

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