Monday, August 25, 2014

Oriflame Wonder Color Lipstick - Daring Red

When I was a teenager I remember grabbing Oriflame catalog and asking my mom for a nail polish or some super shimmery lipstick. So when I think of Oriflame it brings out those cute memories but I haven't seen new products or catalog for years. Few months ago when my cousin gave me this red lipstick I was very curious about it and honestly I didn't have high expectation because I always remember those bad lipstick picks that I used to have. But this is different.

The texture of Daring Red is creamy and it is easy to apply it. It looks best when you apply few coats. The color is red, not one of those bright reds...this is just a little bit darker classic red. It looks beautiful and elegant on the lips, it lasts for few hours and it doesn't dry out your lips. It has everything that good lipstick should have. 

Now after this really nice lipstick reminded me on Oriflame I might consider buying some of their products. First thing I would check out would be other colors in Wonder Color Lipstick range because this was a pleasant surprise.
Do you have any suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. I have never tried Oriflame but it's a pretty colour! The packaging is nice too.


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