Friday, January 21, 2011

Black swan & Tangled

In last few days I've seen two amazing movies. The First is Black swan. I really loved it! This is a fantastic thriller with Natalie Portman in lead role, by her side are Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel. The story is really interesting, you just can't stop watching it...I was wondering what will happen next all the time. Natalie Portman already got a Golden Globe and the Critic Choice Award for role of  Nina and I am hoping that she will also win a Oscar because she is sooooo amazing in this movie, her acting  is the best part of a movie for me!

Now something totally different! Few days ago I went to see Tangled with my niece and I don't know who was more in love with it! Well... probably her, because after all she is a kid...but you don't have to be a kid to love Tangled. I always liked Disney cartoons but lately the become a bit too modern for my taste. This one is also modern but nothing too I really had fun watching it.It's funny, positive and of course it has a  happy ending :)

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