Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Katy Perry nails + OPI collection

Katy Perry is one of the most popular singers at the time. But she is not only recognized by her singing abilities she is also recognized by her diverse style. She has been elegant, romantic, sweet, sassy, edgy, sexy...We have seen her in so many diverse outfits, probably because she isn't afraid to have fun with her wardrobe, hair, makeup and nails.You don't have to like anything that she puts on herself but you always have to give her credit for trying...that is how I see her. If someone else would wear snowman costume I would just laugh at them but when she did it...well it's Katy, you have to love it :)
This post is dedicated to Katy's nails. She always has something crazy on them. Sometime it's just a color  and the other there are pictures of her husband Rasell Brand. Usually when people see Katy Perry on the red carpet they are not just looking at the dress and the shoes...nails are notable part of Katy's outfit. One of the most popular nail polish brand in the world has a collection (which is coming out in January ) inspired by Katy. Collection looks really pretty and I hope that I will have at least one of four beautiful colors in my own collection.

OPI -Katy Perry collection
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