Monday, January 3, 2011

Grey's anatomy and Desperate housewives - half way to the end of season 7

Grey's anatomy

Grey's anatomy Season 7 started in September in year 2010. I couldn't wait for them to start mostly because the way everything ended in season 6. I remember watching two hour was really amazing, the best finale ever.. When new episodes came  I wasn't enthusiastic about it, but I tought that it is just a beginning of the season and it will get better. It didn't...and for the first time ever I am hoping that this is last season of the show. We will see what will happen next in a few days but I'm not very optimistic about it. So far the plot was the similar every single episode and I have a feeling that nothing is happening. The thing I hate the most is that Christina is not the way she used to be. I hope that won't be for long and that we will see old Christina really soon! Who knows maybe Grey's anatomy will be among my favorite shows again :)

Desperate housewives

Desperate housewives are on their best in season 7. I love everything about this season, the story is amazing. Every episode is interesting and intriguing, exactly the way episode of  Desperate housewives should be. I also love the way Vanessa Williams fit in and  hope we will watch her in next season too. All the other new character are great too (Brian Austin Green!!) New episode is coming out tonight and I can't wait to see it, because with everything what happened up to this time looks like we will have excellent season.

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