Friday, January 14, 2011

The vampire diaries - half way to the end of season 2

The vampire diaries!!!!!! My favorite show at the moment, I think that this show couldn't be better! They had awesome first season and for every show it's really hard to continue on same level in new season. But not for Vampire diaries! I love them so much! You never know what will happen...New characters are fitted perfectly and the characters who were kind of boring in first season are amazing now (Caroline and Tyler!!!). But Damon and Katherine are my favorite, of course! You have to love them :) I also think that actress Nina Dobrev is fantastic, and for me she is biggest surprise of the season. I adore the way she does the role of Katherine...and when I "remember" that she is also doing the role of Elena...amazing!! New episode is coming 2011-01-27! I can't wait!!!!!!

I'm team DELENA, totally!

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