Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Golden Rose Silky Touch Blush-On no.209 + Golden Rose nail polish no.330

Few weeks ago my cousin and I had a crazy Golden Rose buy. We bought a lot nail polishes but one blush also squeezed in. Golden Rose Silky Touch Blush-On number 209 is a pink blush, with no shimmer! Looks very natural on my face and it is perfect for subtle makeup. It easy to apply it, it is long lasting and it is not dusty at all which I really like. The packing contains 6 g and it goes away very slowly so I think that I will have this one for years. 

Here are few pictures:

Next is one of my new nail polishes. This one is number 330, the color is nude. Usually I don't wear nude nail polishes and when I decided to apply this one I wanted it to be just a base for nail art. But then I liked it and I was wearing for two days...Application is very easy and the quality is great. I used 2 coats for pictures bellow. The bottle contains 12,5 ml.

This is what I had on my nails third day. My first melting manicure. The result is not the best and my favorite part of this mani is my ring finger with ice cream stamp :) 
For stamping and melting part of mani I used Catrice Hot Or Not?


  1. nice blog my name is Anna too but with 2 N's am you follower on polyvore and a member of your group! Keep up the awesome work :)

    1. Thanks Anna!
      I haven't been on poly for a very long time until yesterday. I will have to come by more often!

  2. Golden rose ima odličnu kozmetiku! Probaj ruževe ako već nisi!


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