Sunday, September 9, 2012

Color Club: Glitter Envy, Space Case and Ultra-Astral

Color Club collection Starry Temptress came out last summer but I purchased three gorgeous nail polishes from that collection in the beginning of summer 2012. These were beside China Glaze Summer Neons my favorite nail polishes past few months. I have swatches for some time but since I always end up posting something else here is one collective post with three polishes together. Colors that I have are: Glitter Envy, Space Case and Ultra-Astral. All of them are neon with glitter. Interesting thing is that glitter is not sparkly. When you look at bottle it seams that there is colorful holo glitter but on the nails it is not sparkly and it looks kind of subtle ( as much as glitter can be subtle ). All polishes are truly gorgeous and I'm thinking about getting other colors from Starry Temptress collection. Nail polishes apply easily and dry very fast, two coats are more then enough for full opacity. Also, on my nails they last for about four days which is almost mission impossible for me...The bottle contains 15 ml. 

Glitter Envy

Glitter Envy is the most beautiful green ever! Before this one I didn't like green polishes at all and now I look at them little bit different. Glitter Envy was the first nail polish from Starry Temptress that I saw when I was randomly googled different nail polishes. I saw it and immediately thought I NEED THIS!!!! The color is absolutely wonderful, neon green with yellow / golden glitter.

Space Case

Space Case is Barbie pink with colorful glitter. Very, very pretty. I love pink very much but lately I was into pastel and Barbie pink more than usual so Space Case was definitely one of my favorite nail polishes.


Ultra-Astral is hot neon pink, amazing color for summer! I'm crazy about bright colors...and this one is bright and pink...and it has glitter. I adore it!


  1. You'll think I'm crazy but I don't think I've seen neon with glitter polish before! They are amazing!!!

    1. Before I saw these polishes I'm not sure that I saw them either...but they are gorgeous!!


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