Friday, September 21, 2012

Julep Helena

Julep Helena is one of three Julep nail polishes that I have for now.  Julep Helena is the most beautiful purple, but to me it was so hard to catch it with camera. I am giving you one photo. This one is the closest to the true color of Helena, all the other photos that I have look totally different then the reality. The difference from my photo and the real Helena color is that in reality Helena is little bit deeper. This is not the first time I tried to swatch Helen without luck, but here is the link where you can see how it really looks, plus you can see some dupes.
Anyway, Helena is beautiful nail polish. Gorgeous, shiny color maybe not the best for my skin tone but I don't even care. With color like this my nails can't be unnoticed. When I was looking for Julep polishes that I like for the swap this was the first one that I noticed, because even with bunch of colors around it this one just gets the attention.

Did you have a chance to try Julep nail polishes?


  1. izgleda mi lijepo, malo jelly. am i right?

    1. Zapravo nije jelly, kremast je. Bilo ga je grozno za slikat pa je slika na kojoj je boja najrealnija slikana na suncu sa blicom ;) Divan u svakom slučaju.


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