Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elf haul: brushes, blush and lipstick

Recently I purchased some Elf products, I wanted to order few brushes but as always I ended up buying few more things. Here is a quick review with some pictures.

My main target was powder and stipple brush. I heard so many good things about Elf powder brush and I decided that it is time that I finally try it. Now that I have it I think it is a shame that I've been waiting for so long to get it. The brush is great, it applies foundation easily, it is soft and very dense. Definitely worth buying! I also bought new stipple brush. I already have one, which I really love. I mostly used it for foundation but even though it is very good for foundation it is much better for cream blush. Two that I have are just enough for me right now because I know I will use them a lot. Third brush that I purchased is the foundation brush from regular line. The reason I wanted this one is because this is a good brush that can always be around as a clean backup. This brush is also good, it does the job very nicely but between this one and powder brush, powder brush wins without a doubt.

Elf blush Glow is soft pink blush with golden shimmer. It looks very natural and it is great for everyday or subtle makeup look. The blush is little bit dusty but it lasts for hours, after I wore it few times I'm very happy with it.

Lipstick Sociable is my first lipstick from Elf. I didn't know what exactly I can't expect from it but now I can say that I'm not impressed. The color is very pretty but the formula...not my cup of tea. It is not easy to apply, it dries my lips and it is full of shimmer, which even though it looks pretty makes everything even worst.  This is definitely something I will put a side most of the time.
( first picture is without flash, 2nd is with flash )

Do you like Elf products?


  1. Hiya, it mkaes me happy that you eatched my videos :).
    I have a few things from E.L.F. one of them is the same Powder black brush that you have I looooove it. People say it's good to apply liquid foundation, I haven't tried yet.

    1. I apply liquid foundation with it too and is great!

  2. šteta za ruž,a tako ljepa boja


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