Saturday, July 27, 2013

What to watch in the summer (TV show edition)

For all TV show freaks summer is a difficult time. Our beloved TV shows are on the break and even though there are few summer shows it is a tough time for TV show lovers. When we think what to do with so much free time the answer comes easily - watch more TV shows. Summer shows are great way to fill the schedule, there are only few of them it is nice to have something with new episode each week. For the rest of the time it is perfect time to watch some show that never made our schedule and for those shows that we need to catch up. So here is what I watch this summer. Every summer I start watching at least one new TV show, usually something that already has few seasons and there is no way for me to be able to watch it through the year.

This summer it was Scandal. This TV show has only 2 seasons and it is kind of addictive so I finished it very quickly. Main character of the show is Olivia Pope, she is a "fixer" and she runs crisis management firm. Politics, White House, national security, public image and love life drama are just part of the show. Creator of the show is Shonda Rhimes, the woman behind Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. With Shonda you know there will be some drama and unpredictable plot so after I've seen all episodes I have to say I I can't wait for September to see new episodes!

After I finished with Scandal I started with Sons Of Anarchy. This was on my what to watch wishlist for a very long time but I didn't know a lot about the show. It is about outlaw motorcycle club.After watching 10 episodes I can say that it is not exactly my cup of tea but I will keep watching because it keeps me interested. This is little bit too brutal for my taste but I have feeling that it gets better when the story goes on little bit.

There is also one new summer TV show that I will probably watch at some point, hopefully very soon Orange Is The New Black. Also I've heard great things about Americans.

I caught the pilot of Devious Maids from Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry but it is not something I would recommend to anyone. Of course there is True Blood with new season and Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf which are good summer fun and TV shows that nobody should take seriously. Okay, PLL are annoying anyway but TB and TW can pass :)

Now let's talk about some shows that I have only compliments for and I barely ever mention them on my blog. For now I will recommend only two shows, both great in their own way.

Breaking Bad is probably the best TV show ever!!! The end of the show is coming really soon and I already think I should watch everything one more time from the beginning. The show is pure perfection  and everyone should watch it. It starts when high school teacher and his former student get involved into producing and selling meth. Two of them can't be more opposite and they are fun to watch. The story is interesting all the time and with each episode it gets better. Everything in this show from the story, characters, dialogues , direction , small details is just great. I hope the end will be great too and that we won't be disappointed. Yeah Mr.White! Yeah science!

The other show is Pushing Daises. This is something that keeps you smiling all the time. It is funny how the show about death can be so sweet and colorful. Interesting plot and amazing characters. Only bad thing about this show is that there are only two seasons. 

Do you watch any of these shows? Do you have any recommendation for me?

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  1. I feel you pain :))
    Spremila ja jednu ovakvu listu, mozda nadjes nesto za gledanje :))
    Koliko god SOA bila brutalna, prosto te vuce da odgledas jos jednu epizodu X)

    1. Da, da!!
      Inače ne gledam serije tipa SOA pa mi treba malo da se naviknem ali kako se priča slaže sve me više vuče :)

  2. taman sam završila prvu sezonu soa ;)
    od aktualnih gledam dextera i true blood i jedva čekam kraj breaking bad-a... moram priznati da bih 'makla' mr white-a, ne zaslužuje happy end ;)

    1. Ja još par epizoda i gotovo s prvom sezonom :)
      Dexter nikako da počnem, tko zna kada će to doći na red.
      Slažem se za BB, kad bi preživio nekako bi mi odskakalo od cjelokupne serije. Nebi bilo uvjerljivo.

  3. I started watching Supernatural and I finished first in 4 days. Well, I still have 7 season to watch. :)
    I still have few shows on a list to watch, but I don't want to start watching them, because otherwise I'll never finish my degree. :/

    1. I want to start watching Supernatural but I don't like scary movies / TV shows so I always start with something else :)


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