Friday, July 5, 2013

Empty #8

Loreal Elvital Color Glanz shampoo - I'm using this shampoo for years and I really love it. I don't know how many times I repurchased it.

Loreal Elvital Glatt Intense shampoo and conditioner - this is the first Loreal shampoo or conditioner that disappointed me. I gave it a chance and finished both bottles but it really doesn't work on my hair. My hair looks really bad after I use this and there is no way I buy it again.

Balea Trend It Up - I finished few bottles before this one and I will probably buy it again but now when I tried Schwarzkopf Got2Be Rocking It! I'm not impressed with this one at all.

Dove Original deodorant - my all time favorite!!

Balea face wipes - great product, I will definitely repurchase this one!

Maybelline Illegal Lenght mascara  - I never dedicated separate post for Maybelline Illegal Lenght because I was never into it. Only thing that I like about this mascara is that it really gives lenght to my lashes. Other then that it is not impressive. Very often it leaves lumps and sticks my lashes together.

I also cleaned my nail polish stash a little bit:

Rimmel Sunset Bronze
Catrice Back To Black
Essence Grand-Pile In Black
Essence Circus Confetti
Essence Choose Me
Essence 24/7 nail base


  1. Ajme meni su prazne bocice laka sf :-)
    One koji mi se najvise svidjaju cuvam, a one koji mi se ne svidjaju ni ne trosim ;)

  2. Znaci zaobici zuti providni L'Oreal. Moj ATF je onaj drugi zuti u neprovidnoj bocici..koliko me je samo puta spasio :) Meni je pola nesesera sa sminkom zavrsilo u smecu zadnjih dana :))

  3. svaka cast, pogotovo na lakovima! :)

  4. Balea face wipes are my favourite too, I always buy those.:)

  5. Did you throw away Rimmel Sunset bronze?? Oh no :( I wanted to swap it with you

    1. Yes, but the bottle was empty :) It was definitely one of my favorite brown nail polishes!


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