Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Essence Tribal Summer Inti Inka

When I first saw Essence Tribal Summer I thought I will go for red nail polish but when I saw the collection in person I reached for yellow Inti Inka. Essence Inti Inka is orange based medium yellow. This nail polish is a cream and the color is very pretty. In the summer I use yellow nail polishes a lot and this one will be on my nails few times for sure! The bottle contains 8 ml of product. It applies easily and for swatches in this post I used 3 coats. After two coats opacity was good but there were some lines which I did't like so I added another coat!


  1. That's a pretty yellow, I haven't heard of this trend edition!

  2. I own & love this nail polish too :) Looks good on you :)


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