Thursday, July 25, 2013

Catrice Fuchsiarama and Catrice Mint Me Up

Few months ago when Catrice had their last product update there was a lot of new nail polishes. Two of them immediately caught my attention. The first one is Fuchsiarama, which I bought soon after it came out and the other one is Mint Me Up which I bought last week. There are few more colors that look really nice but I'm not sure that I need them so for now I will stop at these two.

Catrice Fuchsiarama

Just like the name suggests the color of Fuchsiarama is fuchsia pink. It applies easily and it is very opaque. You can almost get away with only one coat but since I usually prefer two coats I wear it that way. Fuchsiarama has a cream finish. 
Lately whenever Catrice came out with new nail polishes they changed the brush a little bit. This one is really good, wide and slightly round on the edges. It is easy to work with it and I hope Catrice will stick with brushes like this in future. 

Catrice Mint Me Up

Catrice Mint Me Up is pretty spring / summer color. The color looks really nice but the thing that got me to buy this nail polish is the tiny golden glitter. There's a lot of it and it looks beautiful in the sun. Two coats are enough for full opacity. Application was easy but the brush in this nail polish isn't that good. For some reason Catrice doesn't have the same brush for every nail polish in the range and this one has a little bit weird shape.

Which one is your favorite Catrice nail polish? Did you tried Fuchsiarama or Min Me Up?


  1. Both are gorgeous but I prefer Fuchsiarama! :D

  2. I meni je čak fuksijara ljepša, nemrem vjerovati da je, ali je!

  3. I moj favorit je Fuchsiarama! :)

  4. mint me up mi je krasan, ne znam dokle ću ga zaobilaziti ;)

  5. Gorgeous colors! I just got Mint Me Up but haven't tried it yet. Catrice is one of my favorite polish brands. Sadly it's not available readily in USA. But we all have ways! ;)


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