Saturday, July 13, 2013

p2 Nail'tini nail polish sets

Today I will show you my swatches of p2 Nail'tini. The collection came out few months ago and these pictures were in my folder for some time. The collection contains nail polish set for mixing and matching. There are three sets, each with two nail polishes. One cream and one glitter. 

Shiny Manhattan

First set is called Shinny Manhattan. With two nail polishes from this set I did my clumsy half moon manicure. I'm not happy with the way my half moon came out but those two colors look great together. Base is yellow and the glitter is red. I think glitter with look great in so many combinations and it would probably look good on it's own. Yellow is nice too but I doubt I will wear it alone so this will probably be my nail art nail polish.

Flashy Swimming Pool

Flashy Swimming Pool is my favorite set from the three. Beautiful summer combination with blue base and green glitter! Green glitter is something I will definitely try to wear alone.

Brilliant Cosmopolitan

The last set is Brilliant Cosmopolitan, pink base and purple / blue glitter. Interesting part in this set is definitely the glitter but to me this one is made for fall and winter so I doubt I will wear it any time soon.

Overall this was a very interesting collection. Sets are very pretty and there are so many ways to use these nail polishes. I'm most excited about glitters, red and green are really unique in my stash and I know I will reach for them again. Which one is your favorite combination?


  1. Nice colours!love it:)

  2. Flashy Swimming Pool is really nice, it's unusual.

  3. I do like the purple one very much. :)


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