Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Grey's anatomy and Desperate housewives - half way to the end of Season 8

Grey's anatomy is in Season 8 and it is going great! I really enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed it few years ago when Grey's anatomy was at it's best. I honestly though that with Season 8 Grey's anatomy will go down hill and I wasn't very excited about new episodes. As much as I love Grey's anatomy I was sure that I will be one of those people that will say at the end of season that it is time to finish this show. I couldn't be more wrong!! Season 8 of Grey's anatomy is amazing, in this season there is all that we love about it. The plot is very interesting, interaction among characters is great and there is also that sweet Grey's anatomy humor and interesting medical cases. There is few more weeks until winter break is over and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the season...and I'm also very happy that this will be the show that I will most likely be able to watch next season!

Desperate housewives is on it's 8 and final season. The season is interesting but I think the real reason why I enjoy this season of Desperate housewives is because I know that the end of the show is coming fast. Desperate housewives was for years one of my favorite shows and I will miss them for sure but in the same time I think it is perfect time for the end! So, even though I don't think Season 8 of Desperate housewives is one of the best seasons of the show I love watching it because it makes me think of some great moments of the show and I'm really looking forward to see how will hour favorite housewives end up...and how will this season mystery be resolved. 

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