Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Swatch: Essence TE Circus Circus

Last week when I was in Germany I saw new Essence TE Circus Circus. I was happy to see full display and  to have a chance to try products few weeks earlier, because this collection will come to my country probably by the end of the month. I was very excited about nail polishes ( what a surprise!!! ) and I'm glad that I got them because now I don't have to stalk my local drugstores when they come here...you all know how fast some of limited edition products are gone...haha. Beside nail polishes, I got a highlighter powder and creme eyeshadow.

I will start with nail polishes. Each nail polish contains 2x4 ml and it comes in really interesting packing. On one side you have creamy nail polish and on the other side you have glitter nail polish. They remind me on Essence Twins.

First nail polish on the pictures is black with small and larger square golden glitter called My Sparkling Acrobat. This one looks amazing. Combination of black and gold is always beautiful so that makes this nail polish very interesting. Glitter side reminds me a lot on Essence Make It Golden, I think that the only difference between them is square larger glitter in My Sparkling Acrobat and round larger glitter in Make It Golden.
Second is golden nail polish with golden and black glitter called Don't Feed The Tiger. This was the one I wanted the most. Glitter side looks fantastic in the bottle, black square glitter and small golden glitter are prefect combination and I would love if I had nail polish with this mix of glitter that is not for layering. Until then I will enjoy it the way it is. Golden side looks very pretty and when you add glitter it takes it to another level and it looks gorgeous. 
Third is red base nail polish with red small and square glitter called Applause Applause. If you looking for holiday nail polish this is it!!
The last one is pink base and pink small glitter called Cotton Candy. If you love pink polishes you will love Cotton Candy too...All the nail polishes are easy to apply and all of them very pigmented. Two coats are enough for full opacity but only Don't Feed The Tiger is the one that really needs it, other look good with one coat as well.

On the picture above you can see base colors and on the pictures bellow you can see the glitter. BUT I have to add that the pictures are not doing anything in favor of glitter, in real life everything looks way better then on the pictures.

Highlighter powder is called It's Magic. You can use it for sparkling effects on your face and body. It looks very pretty and I love the effect. It is really shinny and visible but delicate in same time. The packing contains 9 g of product.

On the picture above you can see small amount of product on my finger and on the picture bellow you can see how it looks when I applied it to my hand ( just on right side ).

The last product is creamy eyeshadow called My Sparkling Acrobat. In this cute packing you get 5,5 g of product. This is dark grey creamy eyeshadow with lots of golden glitter. The color looks dark but actually it just depends of how many layers you decide to apply. If you are looking for matte eyeshadow you will have to skip this one, but in holiday season that is coming up this may be just the thing you need. I tried it only once and I was so surprised how sparkling it is .
What I like about this product is that it is not greasy and it does not crease but what I don't like is that it looks very smudgy. 


  1. Wow, the display is sooo pretty! Can I buy it all and just have it in my room? lol! I'll definitely try the cream eyeshadows.


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