Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pan Am - half way to the end of Season 1

Pan Am is one of my favorite TV new shows, I find it very relaxing and amusing. With episode 9 Pan Am is almost at the end of first season which will be, I'm afraid the only season of Pan Am. Unfortunately ratings for this show are not that good so we will have only 14 episodes this season and probably that will be it. I hope that Pan Am will go on next season but chances are not very high. It is a shame because this is a good TV Show with great cast and interesting characters. I like the plot, it is interesting and easy and you can just sit and relax while you are watching Pan Am.
Pan Am is currently on a break like most of TV shows, but it will be back very soon at January 8 to be more precise. Hopefully the numbers will go up and there will be brighter future for Pan Am, if not it will be a shame but I'm glad that we had a chance to see this show even if it ends so quickly.

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