Sunday, July 22, 2012

Avon kabuki brush

Maybe a year ago I wanted to order Avon blush brush but instead I made a mistake and ordered kabuki brush. At the time I didn't need kabuki so I put it away and totally forget about it. Few days ago I suddenly remembered it and I wanted to use it a little bit.
Kabuki was still in plastic bag as the first day I got it. When I opened it the smell was pretty strong so I immediately wash it. When I was washing it the water was dark and  also
a lot of hair fell out. Hair is synthetic and it was very uncomfortable under my fingers especially when it was wet. It took a lot of time until it was completely dry and the bad smell was still here. So I wash it again and after a very bad start it was time to actually try the brush. You can probably imagine that I wasn't very optimistic about it and to tell you the truth I didn't even wanted to try it any more  First I tried to apply loose powder and then a blush. In the end I was pleasantly surprised. The fiber on this brush is very firm and that makes application very easy. You don't need large amount of product and it blends out very nicely. So, in the end turns out that the brush that seam to be very bad quality does the work very well. But I seriously doubt that I would repurchased it, even thought I always had a good experience with Avon brushes...I have a feeling that this will always be the last brush I will reach for.

Here it is side by side with my other kabuki brushes: Look By Bipa and Essence Soul Sista.

How is your experience with Avon brushes?


  1. I have never tried Avon brushes, thank you for the honest review :)

  2. nisam probala avonove kistove, a mislim da će mi i kabuki uskoro trebati, stari se naradio ;-)

  3. hi:)
    hepsi güzel avon bende kullanıyorum


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